RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 5.5.14 (Shield, Wyatt Family, Daniel Bryan)

1. I like battle royals and I still hold onto the absurd hope that maybe Kofi will actually win it one of these days and it was for a meaningless midcard belt so it was the perfect scenario. But alas, Sheamus is your new US Champion while Barrett is your Intercontinental champion, it’s feeling a bit 2011 up in here. Just as Mitch Hedburg said that someone handing out fliers is essentially saying, “Hey, you throw this away” the same is true when the US championship changes hands from one wrestler to another.

2. Well at least they have Cesaro actually acting like a heel now. I mean, sure it’s enough to just be associated with Heyman for heel status but it does help to actually do a heel act once or twice to drive the point home.

3. It’s like WWE hits a reset button every week to start from scratch on the eventual breakup of CoDust or they’re really just putting it off until they finally figure out how they’re going to pull the trigger.

4. So the bull fighters from Madrid that actually from Puerto Rico are celebrating an Americanized Mexican holiday? It makes about as much sense as turning a leprechaun into an air guitarist.

5. Okay okay, I caught myself pervin’ on Lana this week. You win, you animals, you win.

6. You know what? I’m okay with keeping Del Rio as the guy that doesn’t really talk much or ever has a feud with anyone but still sticks around to have really good matches every once in a while. Also, each week with Daniel Bryan seems like WWE is going more and more into full Embrace the Hate mode and, as Mick Foley pointed out, that concerns me because it didn’t exactly work out too well for Zack Ryder. The one major difference is that Daniel Bryan can actually have really good and interesting matches with Kane whereas Ryder was just…there. Also, Brie’s screamed as if she was going through her iPhone with boredom as she did it.

7. Seriously, when did Barrett start giving a crap in the ring? I don’t remember enjoying his ring work this time last year. Again, I think it’s only because I’m just now starting to pay attention.

8. Something tells me that Mr. T won’t be please about his Hall of Fame induction speech being cut together like that but you know who it did please? This guy and I fully plan on sending it to my mother on Sunday because I’m a piece of crap son that can’t afford the gas money or be able to take off work to see his wonderful mother that lives 2 1/2 hours away.

9. Seriously, what kind of acid is being dropped in NXT and where can I get some? I mean, I’m not really into partying, buses or furries but I imagine I’d come up with some pretty money scripts after the fact. But seriously, this Adam Rose thing is a mess.

10. I can’t tell if fans are just not as interested in Shield vs Wyatts as they used to be or WWE has just flooded the market with it because this is the 4th time they’ve had a match on WWE programming since February on-top of them facing off in multiple after show dark matches and live events. Sure, the crowd woke up towards the end of it but the crowd seems pretty disinterested for a while which is odd for a Shield or Wyatts match these days. Perhaps the crowd had enough after Adam Rose or they were being a bunch of scumbags and it’s an isolated incident, who knows?

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