Ring of Honor Wrestling #136 (Jay Lethal, Alex Koslov)


Alario Center – New Orleans, Louisiana – April 26, 2014

We open with a photographic recap of Ladder War 5 between Jay Briscoe and ROH World Champion Adam Cole. Despite Jay’s experience in Ladder Wars, Cole was able to emerge triumphant and retain the ROH World Championship.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are commentary. They mention that Cole is now the UNDISPUTED ROH World Champion in Adam Cole, as well as a new Television Champion Jay Lethal, who will make his first title defense in the main event tonight.

The Champ Is Here

Speaking of ROH World Champion Adam Cole, he makes his way out with his mentor Matt Hardy. Cole gloats about his victory in Ladder War, and puts over Michael Bennett for defeating Mark Briscoe at the same event. He says the Briscoes will never show their faces again. Cole then awards Jay Briscoe’s homemade title belt to Hardy! The grateful Hardy renames it the “Iconic Title.” Kevin Steen interrupts and tells Cole that he has no idea what hell is until he puts the title on the line against him in Toronto on May 10. It doesn’t take long for the fists to start flying, and Michael Bennett makes his way out to make it a three-on-one disadvantage for Steen, who is left laying.

When we come back, it’s Cedric Alexander versus BJ Whitmer!

MATCH #1: Cedric Alexander vs. BJ Whitmer

Whitmer has Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong, and Adam Page in his corner. Alexander is rolling solo. They start with some chain wrestling as Strong joins the commentators. Whitmer and Alexander go back and forth, with Whitmer using his power and Alexander using his speed and agility. Whitmer scores a near-fall with a powerslam, and then delivers two rolling Fisherman Suplexes for another two-count. Time for a commerical break.

Before we go to commerical, we see a promo from Truth Martini, who is gloating about guiding Jay Lethal back to the ROH World TV Title. Lethal defends the title in the main event!

When we come back Alexander is in control and he hits a huge backbreaker. Jacobs gets up on the apron to distract and Alexander knocks him to the floor. Alexander goes for a springboard kick but Whitmer ducks and levels him with a lariat to get the pin.

WINNER – BJ Whitmer

Jacobs gets on the microphone as Page holds Alexander back. Whitmer taunts Alexander as Jacobs verbally taunts Alexander, even bringing up his wife and child. Alexander spits in Jacobs’ face, so Strong busts in with the Sick Kick and then the End of Heartache. Page looks upset, but continues to do the Decade’s bidding.

Backstage, Adam Cole cuts a promo about facing Kevin Steen at Global Wars in Toronto. Cole is confident that he will walk out of Toronto still the ROH World Champion.

MATCH #2: Andrew Everett vs. ACH

ACH has his Adrenaline RUSH tag team partner TaDarius Thomas in his corner. Jimmy Jacobs is on commentary. ACH and Everett cut a fast pace in the early going, with ACH controlling the opening minutes, locking on a Texas Cloverleaf. Everett reaches the ropes to break it, and then lands a missile dropkick to take control. He spikes ACH on his head with a hurricanrana for two. Everett tries a springboard shooting star press but there’s no water in the pool. ACH hits a double stomp to the back of the head and a kick right to the face. A series of reversals ends with ACH on the apron. ACH drops to the floor to avoid Everett, but can’t avoid the big dive that wipes him out. Back in the ring Everett goes up top for a double moonsault but once again no one is home. ACH drills Everett with a Yakuza Kick, and then a beautiful 450 Splash to get the pin.


Before the main event can begin, we recap Truth Martini kicking Taven in the junk and then throwing a fireball in his face back at Supercard of Honor VIII. That segues into Lethal taking Truth’s help in defeating Tommaso Ciampa to win the ROH World TV Title for a second time.

MATCH #3: ROH World TV Championship Match – Jay Lethal vs. Alex Koslov

Lethal has been the Champion since 4.4.14, and this is his first defense. They go back and forth in the early going and Koslov is a step ahead. The challenger sends Lethal to the floor and wipes him out with a dive. That’s a good segue for a commercial. When we come back Lethal has gained control. They head back to the ring and Lethal keeps Koslov on the ground. Lethal goes for a springboard move and Koslov cuts him out of the air with a dropkick. They trade strikes and the crowd is fully behind the challenger. Koslov hits a springboard cross body block and a swank enziguiri. He grabs his Russian Hat (I have a friend who sells those down in Battery Park, $40) and does the dancing kicks. Koslov ends with a double stomp for a two-count. He charges in and Lethal sends him to the apron. Lethal hits a springboard dropkick that knocks Koslov to the floor. He looks for a dive but Koslov cuts him off with a leg lariat. Koslov knocks Lethal to the floor and follows him out with a springboard cross body block. Back in the ring Koslov tries a discuss lariat but Lethal catches him in the Lethal Combination. Lethal cinchces on the Koji Clutch. Koslov reverses to the King Cobra and Lethal reaches the ropes. They fight up on the top rope and Lethal knocks Koslov down. Lethal comes down and tries the Lethal Injection but Koslov catches him in a Burning Hammer for a near-fall. Koslov goes up top and Matt Taven runs out to attack Martini and Lethal, resulting in a disqualification.

WINNER – Jay Lethal via disqualification

Security and officials come out to tear Taven and Lethal apart.

Next Week – Michael Elgin vs. Rocky Romero, Tommaso Ciampa vs. Roderick Strong, and more!

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