Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty – Episode 11 Review – “Khaos”

kassChaos! Starts with a C and that rhymes with D and that stands for dimwit! OK, maybe not. This time, we’re spelling it “khaos” and that starts with a K and that stands for Kass. This week’s episode of Survivor was all over the place, thanks to one of the two players who are playing their most manic, unpredictable game possible. Tony has shaken up the game before, but this week it was Kass moving a mile a minute, making and breaking promises like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s fascinating to me that Kass still thinks she has a shot at winning this game. Who could she beat? I don’t know how many votes Woo would get, but I think everyone else would beat Kass. She’s betrayed or bickered with everyone. She’s unlikable and untrustworthy. She hasn’t even played a strategic game that you can respect. I don’t like Tony and I think his game play has been helter-skelter, but at least he’s made big moves. Kass jumped ship, but I don’t think enough people considered it a good move for it to help her in the final three.

Kass caused a bunch of drama early in the episode when she misheard Tony talking about her. Kass was determined she was right, and Tony wouldn’t let it go. He just kept denying her accusation, making things worse and worse. They’re both stubborn hotheads who have to get their way. Tony got so riled up, he told everyone that he had a special Idol with magic powers and that Kass wouldn’t be able to vote him out.

The Reward Challenge this week was, once again, randomly assigned teams. I want to see feelings get hurt over choosing people to share a reward! What is this crap?

rewardTasha almost won for her team on the puzzle part of the challenge, but Spencer made a comeback thanks to massive help from Kass. Spencer, Kass and Woo got eat and volunteer at a local school. As much as Spencer was out of his element, Woo was in his – watching him entertain the kids with martial arts and basketball skills was cute.

Afterwards, Kass and Spencer talked to Woo about voting for Tony to try and flush the Idol. I was surprised they chose Woo to approach with the plan, since he’s followed Tony around like a loyal puppy dog during this game. But, before they returned to camp, Woo declared that he was on board with the plan. They would split the votes between Trish and Tony.

(Woo couldn’t come up with a better story for Tony than “Kass and Spencer want to vote out Tasha”? That was the least believable lie possible.)

spencer challengeI was really hoping Tasha would win Immunity, since four in a row would be a bad-ass record-tying accomplishment. But I have to say, I was relieved to see my Survivor office pool pick Spencer win. The challenge was to count six types of items (crabs, masks, buoys, etc.) to solve a combination lock. I imagine that would be tony 4pretty challenging when starving and exhausted, but it wasn’t the most captivating challenge to watch. Spencer winning means I get to live to see another week in the office pool. (And I need it, since I’m doing terribly in my hockey pool – thanks for nothing San Jose!)

The plan was still in place as Tribal Council approached, even though Tony was suspicious of how Tasha seemed too easily accepting of her fate. It didn’t matter – Tony would only play his special Idol after the votes were read anyway.

But as the day wore on, Kass began to rethink her own plan. She’s looking at Tony as the Russell Hantz of their season and figured he’s the guy she wants to sit next to in the end. Oh Kass. Tony might have gotten his hands dirty playing this game, but I still think he’d get more votes in the end. Kass approached Woo to discuss changing the plan – I knew he’d go with whatever Kass decided. That guy doesn’t have a single independent thought floating around in his head.

Alas, they voted out Tasha. Damnit! I really would have loved to see Tasha and Spencer making it to the end, against all odds. Tasha would have had an excellent chance of winning. Of course, no one should want to sit next to Spencer in the end now – I think his only way to the final three is winning challenges. After Spencer, I think Tony has the best chance of winning. Trish is in the middle, and I think Kass and Woo have the worst chances. What do you guys think?

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