Ring of Honor Wrestling EP #137 (Michael Elgin, Rocky Romero)


Alario Center – New Orleans, Louisiana – May 3, 2014

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are commentary.

MATCH #1: “Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa vs. Roderick Strong

Strong has Adam Page in his corner. Both Strong and Ciampa are former ROH World Television Champions. They start with some aggressive chain wrestling. Momentum swings back and forth in the opening minutes, with both men trying to outdo the other. They fight to the floor and Ciampa swings Strong into the barricade with fury. That’s a good time for a commercial break. When we come back they have made it back to the ring and are exchanging strikes. Neither man can hold an advantage for very long because they are both so aggressive. Ciampa hits a trio of rolling German Suplexes and then drills Strong with a knee to the face for a two-count. He hits an Air Raid Crash for another near-fall. Strong fights back with an Olympic Slam. He follows with knee strikes and a gutbuster for two. Ciampa responds by going for Project Ciampa and Page gets up on the apron to distract him. While the referee concerns himself with Page, Cedric Alexander sneaks out and drills Strong with a spin kick to the face. Ciampa hits Project Ciampa to get the pin.

WINNER – Tommaso Ciampa

An irritated Strong gets on the microphone and talks about how angry he is at Cedric Alexander, and he calls him out for a match right now! Alexander makes his way out and the brawl is on! He clears Strong from the ring and cuts a fired up promo challenging Strong to a match at Global Wars. The only problem with that is that Kevin Kelly has been hyping the match on commentary all throughout this show.

Backstage – Michael Elgin talks about the ROH World Title. Elgin says it has consumed him for over two years. But he has a new obsession as well – the IGWP Championship. Elgin says that when he’s focused, he is scary. He says that tonight, Rocky Romero will realize that Elgin is Unbreakable.

MATCH #2: The Romantic Touch vs. “Pro Wrestling’s Last Real Man” Silas Young

Touch kisses Young’s hand during the pre-match handshake, and Young does not appreciate that. They go back and forth, with Young showcasing his aggressive side, and Touch showcasing all of his moves that have some kind of sexual connotation. Despite all the gyrating, Touch is able to get quite a bit of offense in during the opening minutes. Young survives the onsalught and hits the Finlay Roll and the Pee Gee Waja Plunge to get the pin.

WINNER – Silas Young

A video package reminds us that Kevin Steen will face Adam Cole for the ROH World Championship on Saturday, May 10 at Global Wars in Toronto!

Next up is clips from the latest episode of The Fish Tank, featuring Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. The former ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon complain about the Young Bucks winning the titles form them, and promise that they will win them back at War of the Worlds in New York on May 17.

MATCH #3: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Corey Hollis

Jacobs comes out with Adam Page and TaDarius Thomas, who has apparently joined the Decade. The commentators are just as confused as everyone else. Jacobs attacks Hollis and shows him no mercy. Hollis is not intimidated though, and he fights back. The battle spills to the floor and Jacobs is in control. Jacobs sits Hollis on a steel chair and hits the world’s sloppiest dive. Back in the ring Page gives Jacobs some water to spit in Hollis’ face. Corino tries to get answers from TD, and meanwhile Hollis is fighting back with a flurry of offense. Hollis executes an airplane spin and then hits a nasty Elevated DDT for a near-fall. Jacobs comes back with the Ace Crusher and a Spear to get the pin.

WINNER – Jimmy Jacobs

MATCH #4: Rocky Romero vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

They do the respectful handshake, but Romero strikes first with a hard slap, and then pulls the rope down when Elgin charges tos end him to the floor. Romero hits a flying knee off the apron. Back in the ring Romero hits a low dropkick to the face. ~AZUCAR! Romero keeps Elgin on the mat, which is very wise given Elgin’s size. Elgin fights back and delivers a powerslam for two. He follows with a stalling vertical suplex for another near-fall. It’s time for a commercial break. When we come back Romero avoids a charge in the corner and unloads with strikes. Romero tricks Elgin into throwing himself to the floor, and then he follows out with a dive. Back in the ring Romero hits a springboard missile dropkick for two. Romero hits a succession of clotheslines and then puts on an Ankle Lock. Elgin breaks that pretty quickly and hits a dead lift German Suplex for two. He hits a hard enziguiri and goes up top. Romero halts his progress and hits a super rana for two. After a series of reversals Elgin lands a huge lariat and both men are down. Romero rolls to the apron and Elgin brings him back in with the dead lift Superplex for two. Elgin hits a Buckle Bomb and then goes for another one but Romero jackknifes the legs for a very close near-fall. The back and forth continues and Romero puts on the Ankle Lock again. Elgin gets to the ropes to force a break, and then catches Romero coming in with an STJoe. He follows with a back fist, Buckle Bomb, and the Elgin Bomb to get the win.

WINNER – Michael Elgin

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