CM Punk’s Friend Refers to Him as a Retired Wrestler and Discusses Perils of Punk’s Fame

In an interview with, CM Punk’s friend Natalie Slater referred to Punk as a retired wrestler who is very isolated due to his fame.

Says Slater about Punk, “My friend can’t go to Target. He can’t go to Great America, the grocery store or any mall anywhere. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him escape a restaurant without getting Instagrammed by diners at nearby tables. People mob him in the airport and tweet angrily when he doesn’t stop to sign autographs because he has a flight to catch.”

She adds, “My friend is famous, and it sucks.”

Slater then goes on to talk about when she first met CM Punk and all of the dreams he had to break into pro wrestling, yet now he is very isolated due to being so famous that he is never left alone.

Says Slater, “Now, he’s the recently retired seven-time World Champion, and he’s one of the most isolated people I’ve ever known. A few weeks ago he found a young fan and his mom cramming Easter candy into the mail slot of his front door. Just before that, he walked out of his back door to throw out the trash only to be met by fans camped out in his alley for hours just to see him.”

She goes on to talk about Punk having money but also not having any privacy whatsoever, and how Punk refuses to have a bodyguard even though she and other friends fear for his safety.

She concludes, “Seeing my childhood notions of fame bastardized every time we hang out, I’m secretly glad it’s him and not me. I can’t imagine finally being able to do anything I wanted to, financially, but not being able to do any of it in peace. Being on a flight to some far-off land and not being excited about it because there’s nowhere to hide on an airplane and everyone is staring at me. Think about my friend the next time you buy anti-diarrheal medicine at Walgreens and no one tweets about it. I do.”

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Source: Lords Of Pain