Murtz On The Scene: Big Brother Canada 2 Backyard Finale Interview With Neda Kalantar


Last night was a dark night for reality television. Many of my readers and followers know that I have been rooting for Neda since the beginning of the season and thought that fashion stylist and Big Brother superfan from Vancouver was playing one of the best overall games in Big Brother. As far as I am concerned, Neda had it all. It was a combination of her looks, her strategy, and her willingness to cut anyone she was aligned with that made her my favourite. While I generally prefer Big Brother players who have total control from the beginning of the game (Dr. Will Kirby being the best example), Neda assumed control after being on the outside of the vote that sent Paul home. It was clear that she was this season’s puppeteer, stringing everyone along to do her bidding. Perhaps the best part of her game was the fact that she managed to brilliantly put herself in the best F3 position that I have seen in a long time with both Sabrina and Jon absolute locks to take her to the endgame. In the end, however, it appears that Neda misread Jon’s loyalty to her and his betrayal resulted in her finishing in third place (where most of the best players ultimately always end up).

To say that I was devastated by Neda losing was an understatement. I was convinced that she had the votes no matter who she was up against and that she would get to the end regardless of who won the final HOH competition of the season. With that said, and to be fair, Neda only has herself to blame as she lost to Jon in a trivia competition that she almost certainly should have had.

With all that said, after waiting the entire season to interview Neda… this is the one that I was the most excited for. Check out the video above!

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