Murtz On The Scene: Big Brother Canada 2 Backyard Finale Interview With Winner Jon Pardy


Nobody thought he had it in him.

Perennial nice guy, Jon Pardy always seemed like he was playing Big Brother just for kicks. The Newfoundlander’s easygoing personality made me believe that he wasn’t really taking the competition seriously, and it is for this same reason that Pardy managed to basically skate through the game, despite being such a physical powerhouse. With that said, Pardy proved that he might have been the ultimate player as he saved his best move for last, callously evicting his partner-in-crime, Neda Kalantar, in order to give himself the best chance to win (which he did). It was some of the most compelling television that I have seen, and Pardy should be applauded for doing what we always wish players would do when they get to the end.

Moments after he was named the winner of Big Brother Canada 2, I caught up with Jon Pardy to talk about his $100,000 payday. I asked him when he knew he was going to cut Neda in order to give him his best chance at securing the win. I asked him if he had any second thoughts when the time came. I also asked him about what he would use the money to buy first. Finally, in perhaps the best part of the interview, I asked the newest Big Brother Canada winner what he thought about Neda accusing him of only playing her game and not really making any moves on his own. Check out the video above!