What The Future Holds For Evolution Once Batista Leaves

The current plan is for Evolution to continue on television as an on-screen entity even after Dave Bautista leaves to promote Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy in a month or so. There’s even been talk of bringing in a new member in order to keep the core group at three. That roster member – a heel Sheamus.

Until his recent US Championship win, Sheamus has been spinning his wheels since returning from injury and the WWE thinks they are strong enough on the babyface side of the roster that turning “The Great White” evil won’t hurt merchandise or ticket sales.


Harrak’s Opinion: Evolution worked the first time because Ric Flair provided the veteran role & acted as manager and a wrestler, Randy Orton was a fresh face that was just a natural athlete, Batista was another fresh face that was the polar opposite of Orton in the ring and Hunter provided the backbone by being the current main eventer (and usually World Champion). Now we’re supposed to believe Hunter is Flair? Orton is Hunter? And Sheamus is Batista? Sorry, no.

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Source: ProWrestling.NET