WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday 05.12.2014 – Extreme Rules Retreads, Baby!

WWE Monday Night Raw preview for Monday 5/12/14 featuring all of your favorite Extreme Rules retreads leading to WWE Payback! That’s right, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, The Shield vs. Evolution, Daniel Bryan vs. Kane all continue on Raw this week!!

–Bray Wyatt wants to eat John Cena’s world and take over the WWE Universe.

–Kane wants to bury Daniel Bryan alive and/or drag Brie Bella to Hell.

–Triple H wants to continue sticking it to The Shield.

–Adam Rose says, “Don’t be a Lemon … Be a Rosebud!”

–Rusev now has an undefeated streak that is almost as bad as Crimson or EC3 over in Dixie-Land … does anyone care?

All this and more on Raw … Monday night!

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