From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife: Total Divas Season 2 Episode 8

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[As you’ve no doubt noticed, I haven’t been around for the last few shows. Well here I am & ready for some addicting, horrible, scripted E! TV reality…]

A lot has happened in my absence, well as much as can happen on this show. Nattie & TJ have a weird ass marriage but they both know for certain – they love their cats. Trinity became all shady by getting a birth control implant that lasts 3 years, without talking to her husband about it. John Cena & Daniel Bryan still remain the sane ones on the show while the Bellas are showing how different they are every week. Oh and Summer Rae is a manipulative slut.

– OK… my husband’s painting is better than that thing. That reaction is the exact reason why I don’t paint things for other people. And I have a masters in fine art.

– Ariane is stalking the paparazzi… WOW. I think she has that backwards.

– The WWE wants to combine Eva Marie & Summer Rae’s “star-power”? That just means they don’t have any star-power of their own. The WWE needs both of them to equal one Diva’s star-power. That’s bad.

– There really is nothing to like about Summer Rae. Who would have thought that there’d be someone to make Eva Marie look more appealing? Maybe that’s why Summer was cast.

– If Ariane really wants the paparazzi I have two words – sex tape.

– And enter Ray J. Perfect choice.

– Nattie doesn’t want anyone to steal her portrait of Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella… that’d be one disappointed thief.

– Daniel Bryan about the painting: “My nose looks like testicles. I have a sack of balls on my face.”

– Trinity felt her “eye pushed back in the socket” and yet was able to finish that match with a split-legged moonsault. She’s definitely the best wrestler on the cast, it’s too bad she got injured so badly.

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