Murtz On The Scene: Big Brother Canada 2 – Day After Season Finale Interview With Adel Elseri


The day after Jon Pardy was named the winner of Big Brother Canada 2, I headed back to the backyard to do extended interviews with the entire cast. I caught up with Jury Member #4, Adel Elseri, to talk about about a variety of topics. I started by asking Adel about the experience in general. In his pre-game interviews, Adel said that he wanted to align with the guys and I asked him about this and why that aspect of his game changed (after Kyle and Paul were evicted). I asked Adel to talk to me about the concept of loyalty in the house and whether this is a good quality or bad quality for future Big Brother players to have. Finally, to compensate for me always poking holes in his game all season, I gave Adel the chance to nominate me for eviction. Check out the video above!

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