Murtz On The Scene: Big Brother Canada 2 – Day After Season Finale Interview With Kenny Brain & Andrew Gordon


The day after Jon Pardy was named the winner of Big Brother Canada 2, I headed back to the backyard to do extended interviews with the entire cast. I caught up with pre-jury members Kenny Brain and Andrew Gordon and we discussed why their First Five alliance were looked upon as the villains this year. I asked Andrew if he thought that Canada had the wrong impression of him and Kenny also opened up about his pre-game decision to hide his sexual orientation. I asked Andrew to offer his thoughts about whether it is smart to play a balls-to-the-walls game, where winning competitions and making overt alliances is better than playing on the periphery and making alliances with outsiders who are not in the main group. In other words, I asked him if he preferred the First Five’s style of play to the Sloppy Seconds’ melting pot assembly. I also asked Kenny to tell me if a good Big Brother is one who masters the social elements of the game, never needing to win competitions because their desires will be exercised by the others as a result of their powerful ability to control or if a good player is one who has the guts to win competitions and forcefully employ whatever strategies they’d like to. Finally, Andrew is known for all of the accents that he can do and he gives me one of his best impressions. Check out the video above!