Murtz On The Scene: Big Brother Canada 2 – Day After Season Finale Interview With Paul Jackson & Kyle Shore


The day after Jon Pardy was named the winner of Big Brother Canada 2, I headed back to the backyard to do extended interviews with the entire cast. I caught up with pre-jury members Paul Jackson & Kyle Shore and we chatted about a variety of topics. I asked Paul about his big personality and if he felt like the show lost a lot of entertainment value when he left (similar to when Tom Plant left last year). I also asked Kyle to evaluate his partner-in-crime’s strategy. I asked Paul if he thought he was delusional by changing his strategy when he attempted to get the entire house to hate him in order to drag him to the Final Two (in week 2!) and he opened up about exactly what he was thinking at the time. Kyle and I also talked about his strong bond with Adel. Check out the video above!