THE RAGER! For the Greater Good (The Daniel Bryan Injury)


So with the state of the World Heavyweight Championship in question with the recent Daniel Bryan injury, I’d like to make offer my thoughts on the whole thing. Of course, Stephanie didn’t strip Bryan of the championship on Raw this past week HOWEVER, WWE did post on both Instagram and Snapchat that the matter will be addressed next week on Raw. I will now pause and allow you all to judge me for having a Instagram and Snapchat account. I still think WWE having a snapchat account is super weird to me, I wonder how many dick pics they get sent on a daily basis.

But moving on, I actually think this injury, as bad as it may be for Bryan, is a good thing for the sake of the story. Daniel Bryan is coming off this huge story that started way back at Summerslam and its been an epic ebb and flow the led to the incredible moment when Bryan’s climb to the top came to a successful end at Wrestlemania 30. What has happened since? A bunch of hokey garbage with Kane and a decent match at Extreme Rules. And honestly, there wasn’t much more story to tell between the two after Extreme Rules anyway. Now with the injury, there’s an instant return story and then you add on the assumed beat down that happened before Kane dragged Bryan’s limp body out to the stage. Kane dragging Bryan was probably the most impactful thing those two have done in this story and it didn’t involve under-the-ring gimmicks or Brie’s terrible acting (although that came right after Bryan was dragged out). And it makes sense for WWE to wait a week to decide if they’re going to strip the title from Bryan. It will be after the surgery and after they have a better idea of exactly how long Bryan will be out. I say, if he’s going to only miss one pay per view, it’s fine to leave the belts on him because there’s been precedent back when Punk took off TLC because of injury. If they’re positive Bryan is going to miss two pay per views, I’d be okay with them stripping the titles because that would be stretching it a bit. Also, taking the titles away from Bryan would give him something to work for when he does return and, as we’ve seen, that’s where Bryan has been at his best from a character perspective. If they do take the titles off Bryan, what happens to the championship? WWE could just hand it to Kane since he was the one that put Bryan on the shelf, that is if they want to mold this as Stephanie’s plan all along and she completely condoned Kane’s actions. OR we have a multiple week tournament (much like the one we just had for the IC belt) when the final two competitors have a match for the championship at Payback. Personally, I’m all for tournaments, it makes the matches on Raw actually mean something PLUS it means the return of THE superstar of 2013, The Almighty Vacant, and long may he reign.
The likeliest of possibilities is for Kane to somehow be the champion whenever Daniel Bryan returns because it makes the most sense with the story and it inserts Daniel Bryan right back into the championship scene, and that would kill two birds with one stone. Yes, feuding with Kane right off the return makes the most sense but then again, I don’t want Bryan to be muddling around in non-championship waters. So we might as well combine the two.
And of course, there’s the chance that they don’t strip Daniel Bryan at all and this entire exercise in championship hypotheticals will be for nothing. But if that’s the case, this entire article will be worthless but I will offer you all with a video of a guy doing a Morgan Freeman impersonation while explaining owls to help make up for it. We cool?
And it should go with out saying that a wrestler missing time due to an injury is never a good thing, especially with a neck injury because it’s taken out so many of our beloved heroes. I truly do not want Daniel Bryan to be another career cut short for any reason. We’re all fortunate that this injury will not keep him away for long and he will make, by all accounts, a full and healthy recovery. Just wanted to say all of that before anybody had the chance to say that I’m an insensitive jerk. I mean, they would be correct on a technicality but not about this.

And also, Damien Sandow going “off the script” was nothing to really get excited about. As I stated in my 10 Thoughts column Monday night, he did something similar not too long ago and was rewarded with a punch from Big Show, the same ol’ same the weeks following and wearing Magneto pajamas. I don’t claim to know if it was a work or not but until I see Sandow actually benefit from these outbursts and have success in the ring, color me unexcited.

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