Best TV Show March Madness Bracket Tournament 2014 – Final Four Round Voting Begins with The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory

The Elite 8 round match ups are finished. We are down to the Final Four. Was there one more upset in this round or would all of the favorites make it to the Final Four? Lets take a look at what happened.

#1 The Walking Dead won by a comfortable 64% over #6 True Detective in the final ABC Region matchup. #2 Modern Family was finally able to defeat the last unseeded show Arrested Development with 67% of the vote in the final FOX Region matchup. #1 The Big Bang Theory also won by 64% over #6 Sons of Anarchy in the final NBC Region matchup. The only close matchup this round came from the CBS Region, where #1 Breaking Bad defeated #2 How I Met Your Mother by 5 votes. So after all of the upsets, the Final Four is still full of favorites.

If you don’t know what this is all about, go back to the First Round Voting Page and Second Round Voting Page, Third Round Voting Page, Fourth Round Voting Page, and Elite Eight Round Voting Page and get all of the details there. If you did vote in the first few rounds, you should already know, so go check out the updated bracket for yourself by going here:

2014 Inside Pulse Best Television Show Tournament Bracket

Remember, when you do place your votes in this tournament, you should always vote on what is the best show RIGHT NOW. Some of these shows have been around for years, but if they are not at the top of their game in their current season, and a newer show is, then you should vote for the newer show. Past performance might come into play, but you should judge these shows on their merits today.

Now on with the matchups and let the voting begin!

Final Four Matchups


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The Final Four round polls will stay open for 10 days. Remember to tell all of your friends to vote as well!

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