Rabblecast Rewind – The Very First Episode Of The Rabblecast

Eight years ago(5/17/06), two friends got together to record what was suppose to be a simple demo for a New Jersey radio station. That demo never reached the mail. Instead it became, The Rabblecast. A weekly excuse for two guys(James Hatton and Erik Hernandez) to get together and talk about one of their many favorite passions, professional wrestling. For eight years The Rabblecast has covered all things pro wrestling. From the big companies, the local shows, and even a few road stories from the guys themselves.

Since then the show has changed. Multiple guest(s), format changes, people have come and gone. But the idea has always been the same. Let’s talk about wrestling!

With this episode, we are re-releasing our very first episode. Aside from the added intro, the audio is untouched and presented in its original form. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did back then. Thank you for listening.

 *(Below you will find the regular BlogTalkRadio link, as well as the new LibSyn link where the show has been moved to. Be sure to listen to the show intro for more information.)

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