DVD Review: Dynasty (The Eighth Season Volume One & Volume Two)

How rare is that a man can go from being a held hostage to running for public office? When is the last time a candidate declared that he only decided to be the next governor of your state after spending a few days tied up by a mad man? Being constantly tortured does prepare someone for nosy newscasters. Who would make such a career choice after a major traumatic incident? How about Blake Carrington. The rich patriarch of Denver now wants to run all of Colorado. Dynasty: The Eighth Season Volume One & Volume Two is the penultimate season of the ’80s hottest primetime soap opera.

The season opens up with the two parter “The Siege.” Blake (John Forsythe), Krystle (Linda Evans) and others are being held hostage by Matthew Blaisdel (Midnight Express‘ Bo Hopkins). Matthew wants Krystle bad. As things aren’t tense enough, there’s a subplot about Fallon (Emma Samms) might have been abducted by aliens. It’s like everybody wants to grab a Carrington. When he finally gets unbound, Blake decides to throw his hat into the ring for being the governor in “The Aftermath.” Why? Because while the show needed an overriding storyline that could spread through out the season. Who will challenge Blake for this seat? Does it really matter because his true opponent will be Alexis (Joan Collins). She’s worse than any SuperPAC funded by billionaires. No blow is too low to deliver on her favorite target. She won’t stop at just pointing out that Blake might have bigger troubles than every citizen in the state. Alexis creates a major scare with a videotape that supposedly shows Blake visiting a brothel. Is that really going to make people ponder electing a man who seems to have a family crisis every hour? Can he really focus on the job? Can he be a stabilizing force in the office?

“The New Moguls” puts Sammy Jo (Heather Locklear) into a funk when her heart suffers an amazing loss. There’s a lot of losses and desires to destroy in this season. The producers know they have to make thing even more outrageous to these characters from the rich and famous crowd. The big finale reveals if Alexis or Blake will run the great state of Colorado. Is it any wonder why this state legalized marijuana after surviving this outrageous election in 1988? Dynasty: The Eighth Season Volume One & Volume Two is perfect viewing for people who like seeing the rich kidnapped, tortured, threatened and forced to speak in public.

The video is 1.33:1 full frame. The transfers bring out the ’80s opulence and shoulder pads. The audio is Dolby Digital mono. You’ll hear all the nailbiting on election night. The episodes are subtitled.

No bonus features.

CBS DVD presents Dynasty: The Eighth Season Volume One & Volume Two. Starring: John Forsythe, Linda Evans, Heather Locklear and Joan Collins. Boxset Contents: 22 episodes on 6 DVDs. Released: April 29, 2014.

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