Trashy Ring Attire Episode 8: Extremely Trashy Rules

Welcome to Episode 8 of Trashy Ring Attire! A link to listen to and to download is posted below.

Apologies for these shows being fairly delayed the past few months. They’ll be posted a little more quickly now – typically we will record once a month, the week following that month’s PPV. This month we discuss:

– general Extreme Rules thoughts
– Barrett re-push
– Shaemus re-push
– Cessaro push
– Russev’s push
– RVD’s return and value to WWE
– thoughts on monster builds in general
– thoughts on face / heel dynamic in modern day wrestling

And lots more! Make sure to listen at the end, as we’ve thrown out an invite for our next special guest!

As always, we hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening and keep it trashy!

BD & Kue

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