Demythify: Last 2 Mysteries & Forever Evil #7 Preview With DC Comics New 52 Spoilers?! Superwoman’s Baby Daddy? Alexander Luthor MAZAHS’s Partner?

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Welcome to Demythify!

At the end of this column, likely my last one on Forever Evil, we have the preview pages for Forever Evil #7 that ships this week.

As such, SPOILERS follow for Forever Evil #7. You have been warned!

In addition to sharing the Forever Evil #7 spoilers filled preview with you, this column will also tackle the last two mysteries left to be solved in Forever Evil #7. Those two are as follows:

  • Who is MAZAHS’s partner?
  • Who is Superwoman’s baby daddy?

Before we get to that, here’s all you need to know to get you caught up on the big questions and mysteries of Forever Evil heading into its issue #7 finale:

Interestingly, the four mini-series that DC produced to tie-into Forever Evil – ARGUS, Arkham War, Rogues Rebellion and Blight – only had one of them end with anything relevant to tie-into Forever Evil #7. However, Justice League #29 does directly tie-into Forever Evil #7 as per its cliff-hanger page.

Anyhow, unlike my other columns noting the other mysteries to be resolved in the Forever Evil finale, in these two cases – who is MAZAHS’ partner (formerly the hooded prisoner) and who is Superwoman’s baby daddy – I think we have a shared answer and not many options.

Alexander Luthor‎, imbued by the power of MAZAHS, appears to be the most likely candidate to be the father of Superwoman’s baby; assuming she hasn’t hatched some elaborate plan to fake a pregnancy.

It certainly has been a way for her to manage her husband Ultraman and lover Owlman, who both think they’re the dad; it’s unclear if they know each other have partaken in ‎the evil Amazon’s lasso fetish. It would seem logical at least that Owlman should.

With Superwoman’s origin not revealed in the pages of Justice League, like the case was with the other members of the Crime Syndicate, it does seem DC Comics has a surprise in store for her and us. I think part of that surprise is that she is the brains behind the real plot behind Forever Evil.

We will likely learn more about which Earth 3 or multiverse godlings have banded to together to fuel the power of MAZAHS‎ or why Alexander Luthor is its worthy host. What no Earth 3 Billy Batson and Freddy Freeman?

If in fact MAZAHS is Superwoman’s baby daddy and partner in crime, I hope Owlman knew all along and we get a swerve to cap off Forever Evil #7.

Beyond those two big mysteries, and other big ‘uns I noted earlier, we do have some smaller mystery morsels left for Forever Evil #7 spoilers resolution:

  • Is MAZAHS inherently a force for good or evil?
  • Does the crazy he seems to display ‎make the power go against its nature?

While there still are some smaller questions left to be answered in Forever Evil #7, in terms of the last two big mysteries, my money is on a MAZAHS and Superwoman alliance.

What say you?

And, without further ado, following the three Ethan Van Sciver variant covers peppered above for Forever Evil #7 above, below is the preview with spoilers for Forever Evil #7.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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