DVD Review: Duck Dynasty: Duck Days of Summer

What happens when you put a bunch of hillbillies in Hawaii? Duck Dynasty: Duck Days of Summer, a single disc release of a trio of Duck Dynasty episodes featuring the family on a Hawaiian vacation.

This release follows the Robertsons as they decide to go on vacation to Hawaii for a while. The usual sorts of fish out of water scenarios happen, of course, as the clan has their usual sort of wackiness in a place outside of their native Louisiana. If you’re familiar with the show, and have seen the episodes, then this is fairly familiar territory. It’s a modern day Beverly Hillbillies, but with a Cajun twist.

This is just a single disc release of two episodes that were apparently fairly popular. It’s interesting to see the Robertson clan on safari, so to speak, as they interact with people outside of their usual world but this is just a 90 minute “fish out of water” scenario for the clan. It’s interesting, I guess, if you’re a fan of the show but it’s definitely a fans only kind of disc.

An interview with family patriarch Uncle Si and a couple of EPK pieces are included.

Lionsgate presents Duck Dynasty: Duck Days of summer . Running time: 88 minutes. Not Rated. Released: May 20, 2014.