Roger Ebert’s Life Itself Gets A Trailer

When they say someone is an “institution” it is usually reserved for guys that are legends in their field. Roger Ebert was one of those legends. A Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic who had been writing for fifty years, he would champion artists like Martin Scorsese (Mean Streets) and Steve James (Hoop Dreams) early in their careers.

The writer of thousands of film critiques plus dozens of books, including the titular memoir Life Itself, Ebert passed away in April 2013. To honor the man who would never mince words for a movie he hated, hated, just hated, and for someone who made sticking one’s thumb up an indicator of approving a feature release, both Scorsese and James, along with Steve Zallian, have teamed up to make a feature documentary about Roger Ebert.

Magnolia Pictures recently revealed the poster and has debuted the trailer over at Apple.


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