Wednesday Comments – My Pitch for Marvel’s Vision

I’ve used this column to pitch tons of DC stuff. I’ve pitched DC TV shows. I’ve pitched DC movies. I’ve pitched DC comic books. I’ve even pitched a Wonder Woman movie and a Legion of Super-heroes video game.

But I don’t really pitch Marvel stuff.

There are a couple reasons for that. Firstly, I’m not as invested in the Marvel Universe. With the DCU, I know obscure characters and storylines, which I dust off for a pitch or build upon. Knowledge is power and when it comes to the Marvel Universe, I’m a mere mortal.

The second reason is because Marvel seems to doing things pretty well. Their books are selling well. Their movies are consistently blockbusters. Their TV endeavors seem to have gone off without a hitch. And from what I hear their video games are equally solid.

DC on the other hand needs a helping hand. If you aren’t Batman, chances are you haven’t found success on film, in comics or video games.

But that’s not to say that I don’t have ideas for Marvel. And this week I’ll share one of them.

I don’t read a ton of Marvel books, but I do read a few of them. Two of my favorites are Hawkeye and She-Hulk. In addition to being extremely well written and having amazing art, they also deal with almost pedestrian stories. Often times the heroics take the backseat to the daily affairs of the leads.

That’s the type of book that I’d like to write.

My pitch is for a Vision book co-starring Rick Jones.

Wait, hear me out; my vision of a Vision book is about a machine trying to be a better man.

So The Vision is dealing with being a sort of deadbeat dad, since he wasn’t really there for his reincarnated kids Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd. He’s kind of down that he missed out on being a dad, even though it’s not really his fault. He vows to become a better dad.

But he wants to bounce things off someone first. He doesn’t want to bother any of the other Avengers because, y’know they’re busy keeping the world safe and whatnot. So he picks Rick Jones. Rick’s pretty down to Earth, despite having powers now, and he’s got the time to give. Plus Rick is totally comfortable being around a superhero.

So Rick agrees to be the sounding board for Vision to bounce ideas off of. Also, Vision is getting parenting advice from a variety of sources, my mainly from television’s most famous fathers. Basically every issue with feature Vision essentially inhabiting the character of a famous TV father.

The villains would be a variety of threats. Sometimes Vision would happen upon a crime, while others he’s the targeted by villains trying to increase their profile.

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