DC Comics Spoilers & Reviews: New 52 Futures End #1 & Batman Beyond, Earth 2 #23 & Val Zod Superman, Plus Flash Annual #3 & Wally West Heading Into Flash #31

This month was a bit of a whirlwind and I only recently realized that there were three books I had intended to do my usual spoilers-filled review for, but I didn’t. So, to rectify that, in this one column you’ll get the usual spoilers and reviews that you expect from me every Wednesday morning, but potpourri round-up style. Without further ado, I give you spoilers and capsule reviews of:

  • The New 52 Futures End #1
  • The Flash Annual #3
  • Earth 2 #23

Here we go…

You have been warned!

Spoilers follow!

The New 52: Futures End #1 Spoilers & Review

The preview released for free by DC Comics set up some interesting deaths for the series.

With OMAC seizing control of the Engineer looks like the whole team gets wiped out despite being prominently featured in DC Comics teaser puzzle image (spoilers here) for the overall The New 52 Futures End series:

However, DC didn’t stop there as a MAJOR icon of DC Entertainment also kicks it in this issue because Ronnie Raymond, one half of Firestorm with Jason Rusch, was horny.

I’ll admit that issue #1 left me a bit moody and sombre as I was not a big fan of all the death and destruction of 1990’s comics. However, the debut FCBD #0 issue (spoilers here) was great and the subsequent issues #2 (spoilers here) and #3 (spoilers here) were actually fun and intriguing.

The Flash Annual #3 Spoilers & Review

The free preview DC Comics released of this New 52 title before it hit stands set up a little more about the company’s new bi-racial Wally West who debuted in The Flash #30 (spoilers here).

After that, we see Wally actually fully named in the “present” DC Comics New 52 followed by a future scene starring a Future Flash in Barry Allen mourning Wally with his Aunt Iris West (who seemingly never knew Barry was the Flash and in this New 52 future seemingly never married each other).

Following that, we learn how serious the Future Barry Allen Flash is to fixing things in the future. He actually murders Gorilla Grodd and goes back in time to commit a surprising murder!

Wow. Like with The New 52 Futures End #1, the Flash Annual #3 also depicts a very dark future for DC Comics’ New 52 ‘verse. Hopefully things get brighter in The Flash #31.

The next installment of the Wally West / Future Flash mystery hits stands next week on May 28, 2014 with Flash #31.

Earth 2 #23 Spoilers & Review

With DC Comics Earth 2 ongoing series yarn intersecting with The New 52 Futures End and spanning its own weekly series called Earth 2: World’s End with its own teaser puzzle image (spoilers here), the current battle for the soul of Earth 2 just became more important to DC Comics’ multiverse. Val Zod – yes “Zod: – Earth 2’s soon-to-be black Superman gets some screen time, but is rather ineffectual as he’s still collecting solar power to charge his Kryptonian cells.

Coupled with the startling events of Forever Evil #7 (spoilers here) the future looks intriguing.

The preview offered online for free of Earth 2 #23 by DC Comics continues the battle between an evil Superman and his presumed dead heroic wife Lois Lane as Red Tornado, plus the hordes of Darkseid’s forces against Earth 2’s “Wonders” including a brand new Batman (in the form of Thomas Wayne who also has super-powers) from the previous Earth 2 #22 (spoilers here).

In the actual issue we also see:

  • Green Lantern Alan Scott finally returns to provide aid to his fellow Wonders in their battle with evil Superman’s hordes of parademons from Apokolips.
  • All the while evil Superman takes his now alive wife the Red Tornado to meet Ma and Pa Kent in Smallville.
  • Darkseid’s warhounds are also unleashed in the issue on Earth 2.
  • The warhounds seemingly maim Red Arrow a.k.a. Conner Hawke in Batman’s batcave.
  • To cap the issue off, while the Wonders are seemingly whisked away by Earth 2’s Canadian Sandman Wesley Dodds, the Batman orders his computer named Azrael to set off the auto-destruct. BOOM!

Not much Val Zod Superman action yet as you can see.

Despite the writer change for Earth 2 in recent months, the title remains one of DC’s best and I’m glad its importance to the actual DC multiverse is growing as the Wonders will seemingly play big roles in The New 52 Futures End weekly series and the big September 3D line-wide event, and in their own Earth 2 World’s End weekly series.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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