Ring of Honor Wrestling #138 (Adam Cole, Kevin Steen)


Alario Center – New Orleans, Louisiana – May 10, 2014

The intro has shots of plenty of wrestlers no longer with the company and they really need to update that. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are commentary.

MATCH #1: Mike Posey vs. R.D. Evans w/ Veda Scott

Evans also has Ramon with him, who carries a sign that claims The New Streak is at 99-0. Posey thinks he has Evans where he wants him, but the crafty Evans is able to control the early going. Tht changes when Evans misses a charge in the corner and his shoulder hits the ring post. Veda joins the commentators as Posey works Evans over. Posey tries a slingshot legdrop but misses and falls to the floor. Evans follows him with a leaping clothesline off the apron. Back in the ring Evans continues on offense. Evans hits a Spear and signals for the Jackhammer but instead executes a small package for a two-count. They fight up on the ropes and Posey knocks Evans back and hits the Alabama Jam but it only gets two. Posey argues with the ref and Evans rolls him up for a near-fall. Evans hits a clothesline and goes up top to hit his own guillotine legdrop and that gets the win.

WINNER – R.D. Evans

The Fish Tank

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, reDRagon, come out for some promo time. They are dressed in complete hipster gear. They brag about defeating Forever Hooligans and War Machine in a three-way match to earn a title shot on May 17 in New York City against The Young Bucks. Not sure why they don’t get an automatic rematch, but whatever. Then they introduce “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin as their first guest. reDRagon make fun of Elgin’s mullet, and Elgin comes back with retorts about their clothes. This all leads to an unspecified match after a commercial break.

Before the commercial, the Briscoes are backstage to cut a promo on Matt Hardy. They are super pissed that Hardy stole Jay’s custom title belt, and they want it back.

MATCH #2: reDRagon vs. War Machine

As it turns out, Elgin was issuing the challenge on behalf of Hanson and Rowe, collectively known as War Machine. Hanson and Rowe dominate to start, as Fish and O’Reilly were not at all prepared for them. Everything Fish and O’Reilly try gets thwarted by the monstrous duo, and they get so fed up that they take a powder all the way back to the locker room, but Elgin stops them, so they run into the crowd and get counted out.

WINNERS – War Machine

Adam Cole, Maria Kanellis, and Michael Bennett are backstage to talk about the main event tonight. They mock their opposition and put themselves over, essentially.

Meanwhile, reDRagon runs from the building and drives away.

Before the main event can begin, they show a video package detailing the issues between the two teams, particularly Cole giving Jay Briscoe’s title belt to Matt Hardy, and Hardy renaming it the “Iconic Title.”

MATCH #3: Six Man Tag Team Match – Adam Cole, Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett vs. Kevin Steen & The Briscoes

The Briscoes and Steen attack right away and the fight quickly spills to the floor. Steen and Cole are first back in the ring, which is fitting since they have a title contest coming up at Global Wars, which was actually happening as this show was airing. Cole takes the advantage with a little help from his partners. The Cole trio focuses on Steen, keeping him away from his partners. Hardy hits Steen with a Side Effect for two. Mark gets a tag and he starts in with the Redneck Kung Fu. It doesn’t take long for Cole’s group to take control on him and we take a commercial break. When we come back Bennett is working Mark over and keepign him in the wrong half of the ring. After several minutes Mark is able to catch Cole with a rolling Death Valley Driver, and then he makes the hot tag to his brother. Jay comes in a house afire, punching everything in sight. Steen gets in on the fun with a cannonball on Bennett. Jay hits Bennett with a Falcon Arrow for two. The Briscoes go for the Doomsday Device on Bennett and Cole tries to break it up so Steen puts Cole on his shoulders and they hit a double Doomsday Device! Hardy breaks up the cover. Jay and Hardy spill to the floor and brawl to the back. Mark goes to the top rope and Bennett ducks, allowing Cole to blast Mark with a superkick. Cole then hits the Florida Key to get the pin.

WINNERS – Adam Cole, Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett

Cole and Bennett continue to beat on Mark, and Steen tries to come to the rescue but ends up taking a superkick to the back of the head for his troubles. The brawl continues and Hardy makes his way back out. Hardy tries to hit Steen with the Iconic Title, but Steen ducks and Bennett takes the hit. Steen clears the ring and follows Cole out, hitting a powerbomb onto the ring apron and then two on the timekeeper’s table, which does not break! Ouch. Steen holds the ROH World Title belt and taunts Cole with it as we fade out.

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