Demythify: The New 52 Futures End Bridged To By DC Comics’ Stormwatch #19 WTF Issue & #29 Finale Spoilers? Futures End #4 Out This Week!

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DC Comics has tried mightily to make former Wildstorm Publishing’s’ properties viable in the New 52. All ongoing series attempt
have failed. That of course soured DC Comics’ plan for a new New 52 version of Jim Lee’s WildCATS.

However, Grifter plays a big part in the company’s weekly mega event The New 52 Futures End. Stormwatch also plays a role in the series per the teaser for upcoming issues.

Here’s a recap on what’s happened so far in the weekly New 52 Futures End series so far:

Now that your caught let’s talk Stormwatch. That team, as seen in The New 52 Futures End #1, appears to be the first Paul Cornell penned incarnation of the team in the DC Comics New 52 not its later rebooted Jim Starlin version.

In issue #19 – part of DC’s infamous WTF Certified initiative – writer-artist Jim Starlin rebooted the version we saw from its debut issue by writer Paul Cornell and later its zero issue by writer Peter Milligan. In fact, DC Comics free preview of this New 52 issue pretty much explained what happened to the old team and why a new team, created by the Shadow Lords, was needed.

In Stormwatch #29, writer Jim Starlin caps of the last issue of the series by explaining who the Forecaster, the leader of “this” Stormwatch is – a clone of Martian Manhunter – and explains what happened to the “original” Stormwatch.

Yet, what appears to be that original wiped-from-the-timeline Stormwatch is part of the future of the DC Comics in New 52 Futures End. Is that on fact the case or have Jim Starlin’s “new” Apollo and Midnighter just put on the costumes of their original DC New 52 counterparts?

The annotated version of The New 52 Futures End teaser is below,

Any thoughts on what the deal is with The New 52 Futures End’s Stormwatch?

The New 52 Futures End #4 hits stands this Wednesday.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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