My Thoughts: WWE RAW 5.26.14 (Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Evolution, Rob Van Dam)

WWE Raw 11-13 Header


#1~ Just what I wanted to see on Memorial Day… coffins. Memorial Day is a day to celebrate those who gave their lives for the United States of America. So celebrate those men and women, don’t just show us pictures of dead soldiers. I’m sorry but that opening rubbed me the wrong way.

#2~ Why was Brad Maddox still Raw General Manager when The Authority are at Raw every, single week?

#3~ I can’t put into words how bored I am with Rob Van Dam. It’s funny how so many people hate John Cena for never updating his character whereas RVD has been riding the same gimmick since 1990. They use the same moves, cut the same promos and wear the same outfits. The only difference is that RVD is more athletic & grew up with the ECW faithful. Now let the commenting begin.

#4~ “Skinny jeans sellout and RK-Blows.” Not a bad line.

#5~ Poor Drew McIntyre. And poor everyone that had to suffer through “one of the most shocking moments in Monday Night Raw history”… the “de-tailing” segment.

#6~ Is it bad that I had to agree with A LOT of what Bray Wyatt had to say?

#7~ Now I have to say poor Jerry Lawler. A few years ago that would have been Jim Ross sitting in the ring surrounded by the Wyatt Family. Now Lawler is the only one on the announce team that garners any sympathy from the crowd.

#8~ I feel like when Batista signed a full-time contract for these past 5 months on the road that he forgot to pack his razor. Besides that, the chemistry between Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton is undeniable. I love seeing them in a competitive match. Overall a good showcase for Orton and Batista heading into the PPV. After the loss at Extreme Rules, it was good to establish how dominant these two main-eventers are. The Shield have been pushed so strongly that Evolution needed SOMETHING.

#9~ Nice debut for Bo Dallas on Raw. He and Sin Cara had a good match & Dallas’ promos were exactly what they needed to be. He’s going to get on people’s nerves VERY quickly and that’s a good thing. AND he was the first guy who was able to kill Sin Cara’s special lighting!

#10~ A good segment between Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon that essentially set up a potential WWE World Heavyweight Championship title change without there even being a title match. Nice way to work Daniel Bryan into an important situation on PPV without him having to get physical.

#11~ I never thought I’d see a Diva character crazier than AJ Lee… Good God, imagine a match between those two.

#12~ I’m fine having a cheap match for Adam Rose’s debut. Unfortunately I don’t believe that this character will get a chance to show off his skills in the ring that he displayed as Leo Kruger in NXT. Davey Crockett was just not necessary.

#13~ Ah, Seth Rollins, I’m sorry but only CM Punk can make a mockery of WWE “contract signings”. The big thing I took away from this segment is that Roman Reigns versus Triple H at SummerSlam seems all but set in stone. They chose specific camera shots focusing on those two men and honestly I think it would be a very good match.

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