The Amazing Race All-Stars – Season Finale Review– “YAWN!”

I just watched the season finale of The Amazing Race and wanted to write a short blog post on it.

I used to find this show exciting and suspenseful, and that has completely petered out in the past few seasons. I’d hoped that this season’s All-Stars theme would help reinvigorate the show, but no such luck. In fact, by the final episode I couldn’t have cared less who won. Brendan and Rachel grate my nerves and make dumb mistakes. Jennifer and Caroline had too much help from other teams leading up to the final leg. I found David and Connor annoyingly self-righteous.

Father and son team David and Connor run to the finish line.Father and son team David and Connor run to the finish line.

The challenges the teams faced in the last leg were some of the weakest I remember. What, exactly, did they do that was difficult? The David Copperfield challenge was dull – find the right key? That’s something janitors do every day. Replace lightbuulbs? Again, calling the maintenance department! And skydiving? Well, that looked like fun, but there wasn’t exactly a lot of room for error. David and Connor began that challenge a few minutes early, and they won the race by seemingly that exact margin. The whole million bucks came down to the fact that they were faster at screwing in lightbulbs? Lame.

What did you guys think? Am I the only person who found it pretty lackluster?