From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife: Total Divas Season 2 Episode 10

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Recap: OK so basically last episode the WWE Divas got trashed in Mexico. Next stop the wedding/WrestleMania preparation train…

-Nikki’s brother JJ is a douche. Nikki didn’t do anything to him or even anything that jeopardized her safety and future! She got married and got it annulled when this guy was still enjoying Pokémon!

-Bryan is like no f*n way are you waxing my beard with that shit. It is bad enough you want to change me when you promised that you love me as I am! Grandma has to look at me for only one day she can deal with the moneymaker!

-John Cena is like all of my merchandise will be the same just different colors and all of the children will buy it and make me more rich *cue evil laugh* (and as a mother of a Cena crazy 3 yr old I know this first hand to be true.)

-Nikki is right Brie decided to plan a wedding at a very, very bad time. Brie has officially turned into a Briezilla.

– Where is this Stephanie McMahon workout video?! I don’t even know what to say about that! I am not sure whether to be excited or horrified or maybe just the right mix of both because they are all wearing outfits that look like my mother’s old Jane Fonda workout tapes!!

-No bride wants to hear that there is a lot of emu shit or Porta Potty. Those just don’t spell romance and love…except to Brie…I have to begin to question this girl’s sanity.

-My husband and I heard that Summer Rae was in the Marine 4 and we both said the only way to make a bad movie worse was to put a woman with the most annoying voice in the world in it.

-“It’s my wedding scouting trip” Since when did that become a thing and why does that allow you to spend a fortune on it?!

-Nikki is awful at telling John Cena anything! She can’t even seem to lie to him she just tells him about a small issue and then looks like “oh shit he is going to try to fix this.”

-I’m glad that Bryan can reign Brie in because no one else can. I mean she wanted geese to follow her down the aisle and Emu to attack her guests who are already being made to use a Porta Potty or hold it. I am glad I’m not invited to that wedding.

-I give Brie a lot of credit for telling Summer Rae she was uninvited from the wedding. That takes guts.

Tune in next week for WrestleMania and The Wedding!


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