Thanos Annual #1 Spoilers & Review: The Road To All-New Marvel Now’ Crisis Comics Event Begins Here? Time Runs Out Due To Universal Transmutation?

Thanos remains imprisoned after the events of the All-New Marvel Now’s event book Infinity #6 (spoilers here). His super-powered son Thane remains at large, but he appears to be popping up soon during the Original Sin spin-off series Original Sins (yes, with an “s”). Thane had an interesting origin revealed between Infinity #4 and #5 (spoilers here) and it would appear Thanos would still seek his death so that he is opposed by no one who could destroy him.

The Thanos Annual #1 is a flashback tale that appears to set up both an upcoming Crisis of Marvel’s own as “Time Runs Out” (an Avengers / New Avengers storyline beginning in May 2015 as reported on by IGN that may be a line-wide reboot as speculated on by Bleeding Cool coming out of Diamond Distributing’s recent Las Vegas retailors summit), but also sets up the upcoming Thanos: Infinity Revelation original graphic novel from writer-artist Jim Starlin. The release date for Thanos: Infinity Revelation is August 5, 2014 according to

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Spoilers and capsule review for Thanos Annual #1 follows.

You have been warned!

The All-New Marvel Now free preview for the issue including its three covers and an opening page to summarize where Thanos is and what Thanos Annual #1 is really about.

An avatar of Thanos visits the real Thanos in the past and as a result we learn about a great “universal transmutation” that will occur to the All-New Marvel Now Comics universe.

It was difficult to follow all this avatar stuff, but the art was solid for the book and set ups for Thanos: Infinity Revelation original graphic novel (OGN) and Marvel’s likely upcoming Crisis, ahem I mean “universal transmutation,” are compelling.

I’m hoping Thane, son of Thanos, pops up in Starlin’s OGN as well as his expected appearance in Original Sins.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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