Inside Pulse’s Live Coverage of WWE Payback 2014

Welcome to WWE Payback 2014!

WWE Payback 2014

It’s time for the WWE Payback Kickoff show.  Our hosts tonight are Josh Matthews, Alex Riley, Booker T, and Kofi Kingston.

El Torito is shown getting ready for the match with Los Matadores.  Hornswoggle is shown brushing his hair and jumping around.

Mask vs. Hair Match

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

El Torito is out and is wearing a 2/3 Chicago Bulls jersey.  Not sure how the rules are for this match.  Horny hits Torito with a strike and goes for more, but Torito ducks them.  Torito pushes Horny down.  Torito hits a drop kick.  They continually reverse irish whips until Torito hits an airplane spin.  Lets him down and they collide heads and fall down.  Horny gets up, too dazed, and body splashes the floor.  They find each other and Torito hits a roundhouse hoof.  The ref threw Torito onto Horny, counted, Torito flew onto the ref, who then threw him back on Horny and counted.  Torito gores Horny’s butt out of the ring.  Heath Slater grabs some clippers and chases Torito under the ring.  Slater exits and is scared of Torito who now has the shears.  They run around the ring until Horny knocks Torito off of the apron.  They go back in and Horny sets up for a top rope move and misses a springboard moonsault.  Chaos ensues around the ring as Los Matadores and 3MB fight.  It ends with one Matadore and jumping off the top to Slater on the outside.  Horny attempts to run over the ropes, but Drew uses him as a catapult.  Horny revvs up again and goes through the ropes and takes down everyone.  Slater gets on the apron and Torito jumps off the top rope and hits a hurricanrana throwing Slater onto everyone.   Torito hits a bronco buster, balances his head on to the top turnbuckle, comes back down, Horny catches him and lands a powerbomb.  It’s good for three.  Horny pulls off Torito’s mask but there is one beneath.  Horny is confused and Torito hits a springboard moonsault onto Horny for three.

Winner:  El Torito

Hornswoggle is set up the chair and El Torito starts clipping his hair.  Hornswoggle looks terrified as he is slowly being shaven.  Los Matadores spray shaving cream on him as Torito keeps shaving.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust are shown in the back getting hyped up for their apparent match with Rybaxel tonight.  Cody says that they were united in this arena and that they would be back tonight.  Yeah they are breaking up for sure.  Also Kofi has been put into a match with Bo Dallas for tonight.  Time for the real show.


United States Championship

Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro

Heyman comes out and the crowd starts overpowering him with CM PUNK chants.  Heyman says that Punk is over watching the Blackhawks.  Heyman says that the Blackhawks’ streak will be broken much like Undertaker’s was at WrestleMania by his client Brock Lesnar.  He says that Sheamus’s streak will be conquered by Cesaro.

They run at each other and Sheamus hits him with some hard axe handles.  Sheamus sets up but is reversed by Cesaro.  Cesaro pounds away on Sheamus in the corner.  Cesaro hits an uppercuts.  Sheamus hits some strikes and then a short clothesline.  Sheamus hits a body slam.  Cesaro back up and hits some uppercuts and strikes in the corner.  Cesaro whips but is reversed into a rolling senton.  Sheamus sets up Cesaro on the apron, but Cesaro pulls his chin down on the ropes.  Back in and Sheamus throws him onto the apron for the 10 clubbing blows.  He did another round for Heyman.  Sheamus climbs out and throws Cesaro into the barricade, back in, and he’s trying to set it up again.  Cesaro goes for a battering ram over the rope, but Cesaro hits an uppercut sending Sheamus out of the ring.  The ref starts counting, but Cesaro picks up Sheamus with a suplex from the apron over the top rope and to the mat.  Wow!  Cesaro hits a tigerbomb.  He jumps and stomps on Sheamus’ chest.  Cesaro stalks Sheamus.  He rakes Sheamus’ face, whips him into the corner, hits an uppercut, and repeats.  Sheamus reverses the third whip into the Irish Curse backbreaker.  Sheamus kicks away at Cesaro in the corner.  Sheamus comes off the top rope with a knee that connects and he does it again.  He goes for a third as the crowd boos.  He hits and gets a two count.  Cesaro hits an elbow and an uppercut off the top rope for a two count.  Sheamus hits a kick to reverse Cesaro’s charge and again.  Sheamus ascends the rope, but he jumps over Cesaro, hits the rope.  Cesaro catches him, lifts him and hits an uppercut for two.  Sheamus hits a powerslam for two.  Sheamus is up and is teasing the Brogue Kick.  Cesaro dodges and hits a German suplex for two.  Sheamus hits a White Noise for two count after reversing the Neutralizer.  They get back up and Sheamus goes for cloverleaf, but it is dodged.  Sheamus catches Cesaro’s jump off the top rope, spinebusters him, and locks in the cloverleaf.  Cesaro crawls to the rope.  Sheamus helps Cesaro up and they trade blows.  Cesaro hits a unique fireman’s carry slam for two.  Cesaro goes for the swing as the crowd counts along.  He lets him go and Sheamus rolls up Cesaro with a small package for the three count!

Winner:  Sheamus

Tag Team Match

The Rhodes Brothers vs. Rybaxel

Goldust and Axel are to start off.  They tie up and Goldust slaps Axel.  Axel hits some strikes on Goldust.  Goldust hits an atomic drop and a slap on his knees.  Cody tags in and hits an axe handle to Axel’s wrist.  Axel fights him off and tags in Ryback.  Ryback whips Cody off the ropes, Cody slides under and hits a drop kick.  Goldust knocks him down and gets a one count.  Axel now in and hits a big knee to the face of Goldust.  Axel gets a two count.  Axel twists Goldust’s hand in the ropes.  Rybaxel hits a tandem elbow and splash into the corner as Ryback tags in.  He hits a big splash, tags in Axel who hits a big elbow drop.  Ryback tags back in and slams Goldust into the mat.  Ryback twists Goldust’s arm in the rope.  Ryback hits a suplex for two.  Ryback gets an armbar on, but Goldust fights out of it.  He is slammed onto his arm by Ryback who takes the time to taunt.  Goldust gets a small package for two.  Ryback pounds away on Goldust in the corner, whips him, Goldust jumps off the second rope and hits an elbow to Ryback.  They slow crawl, but Ryback gets to Axel.  They pull him to their corner.  Goldust fights them off and tags in Cody.  Cody hits a forearm strike.  Cody hits a big springboard dropkick and then drop kicks Axel.  Cody botches a moonsault off the top rope but gets a two count.  Ryback powerbombs Cody into Goldust and gets a two count as Dust breaks it up.  Chaos ensues.  Cody hits the CrossRhodes, but Axel breaks it up the pin afterwards.  Cody summons Ryback to get up, goes for the Disaster kick, but is caught and hit with the ShellShock for three.

Winners:  Rybaxel

Cody is fuming inside the ring and Goldust is trying to console him.  Cody gets up holding his neck and requests a mic.  Cody says Brother to Brother that Goldust needs a better tag team partner than him.  Is that his way of saying it’s not you it’s me?

Lana is out next to talk about Mother Russia and of course Vladimir Putin.  His picture looks like he just farted.  Why does Justin Roberts introduce Rusev?  Shouldn’t Lana do that?  Anyways Rusev is out waving his flag around.

Big E vs. Rusev

They run off the ropes and collide as a stalemate.  Rusev is pounding away on Big E until Big E returns the favor.  Rusev hits a German suplex and kicks Big E.  He continues to waylay on Big E.  Rusev charges Big E but is caught and slammed with one arm.  Rusev crawls out on the apron.  Big E hits a dive through the second rope taking both men out.  Big E rolls him in and gets a two count.  Big E runs off the rope and eats a nasty superkick.  Lana says ‘Rusev CRUSH.’  Big E is succumbed to the Accolade.  Rusev wins.

Winner:  Rusev

Bo Dallas vs. Kofi Kingston

Kane comes out and attacks Kofi Kingston before the match starts.  He throws Kofi out of the ring, big boots him.  Kane throws Kofi into the ring and sets up the chokeslam.  Kane hits it as Bo Dallas looks on in horror ringside.  Kane picks up Kofi and hits the tombstone piledriver.  My feed messes up, but Bo Dallas gets in the ring, shakes Kofi’s hand as he lays there limp.

They recap the kickoff match between El Torito vs. Hornswoggle.

Bad News comes out and says that most people want to see RVD leave Chicago with the title but he’s got bad news.  He says that RVD won’t be getting payback or paychecks after tonight.  He says because RVD is old yellor and he is B-N-B.

Intercontinental Championship

Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

They tie up.  BNB locks a side headlock on, but RVD fights out.  RVD hits some strikes, but BNB fights back.  They continue trading blows.  RVD hits a big kick for a one count.  RVD strikes away, but is reversed into the corner.  BNB goes for a charge but is reversed and hit with a thrust kick for one.  RVD misses a kick in the corner.  Barrett takes over.  RVD hits a roundhouse in the corner.  They go outside and RVD throws BNB into the barricade.  RVD throws BNB into the front row.  RVD hits a leg drop onto BNB’s back on the barricade.  RVD gets up and taunts a little.  RVD throws Wade in and hits a catapult leg drop for two.  RVD kicks away at BNB in the corner.  RVD tries to lift his body in the corner to avoid the oncoming charge, but lands on Wade’s shoulders.  Wade throws him up and kicks him hard.  Wade kicks RVD off of the apron into the barricade.  Wade hits a big diving elbow off of the apron.  The ref is counting RVD out.  RVD gets back, but Wade is stomping away.  BNB throws RVD over the top rope.  BNB dances before hitting a running kneelift.  He gets a two count.  BNB locks in a side headlock.  RVD is summoning the audience.  BNB stops him, goes for a pumphandle suplex, but RVD bounces out.  RVD kicks BNB in the nose.  They slowly get up and RVD hits some short clotheslines.  RVD slams BNB’s head into the turnbuckle and kicks him in the face.  RVD goes for the Rolling Thunder and BNB gets up only to get knocked down for it anyways.  RVD goes for the Five Star Frog Splash and misses.  BNB sets up the bullhammer, but is knocked down for two.  BNB hits the Winds of Change.  BNB goes for the bullhammer on the outside, but misses and hits the ringpost.  RVD hits a catapult DDT from the apron onto BNB.  BNB reverses RVD and nails the Bullhammer for the three.

Winner:  Bad News Barrett

They show a video package of Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon.

Lillian Garcia introduces Stephanie with her terrible ring music.  I miss her old theme.  Stephanie says thank you for the very warm welcome. (It wasn’t)  She asks will D-Bry do the right thing or will he force her to fire Brie Bella.  She asks for Bryan to come out.  The place erupts as his music hits.  Brie is accompanying him to the ring.  Steph says that she is glad Brie is here and what an unfortunate predicament that Bryan has put himself and her wife in jeopardy.  She talks about how will Bryan explain it to their weird bearded babies when she fires Brie.  Bryan says they booed her out of the building when she entered.  Bryan says he has an opportunity for Steph to make the people like her.  He says that he fought/scratched/clawed to get to WrestleMania.  Steph says that the people want him to quit just like CM Punk did as they chant CM Punk.  Steph tells him to relinquish the title or she will fire Brie.  Bryan hopes that Steph’s children see her being a narcissistic bitch.  Steph says that Bryan has no guts as Brie said ‘bitch.’  Steph says the only crime Brie committed was her choice in husband.  Brie says Bryan knows what he must do.  Steph says she knows that they need a fighting champion and he should do the right thing.  She demands he hand it over.  Brie says she refuses to be a powerless victim.  Steph says she is her boss.  Brie says that’s where she’s wrong as she can’t fire her because Brie quits.  Steph laughs and Brie slaps Stephanie.  Bryan and Brie start ‘YES’ing.  Stephanie leaves as the crowd continues YESsing.  Bryan kisses Brie and they leave.

Last Man Standing Match

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Cena stares at Bray as he is on the outside with The Wyatt Family.  Bray yells instructions until The Usos’ music hits.  The crowd is cheering UCE-O.  After they stand off, Bray gets into the ring and the match officially starts.  They exchange blows.  Bray pounds on Cena in the corner.  Cena whips him into the corner and hits a bulldog.  Wyatt hits a big throat thrust knocking Cena to the ground.  Bray rakes Cena’s head across the ropes before hitting an elbow to stop the running Cena.  Ref starts to count.  Bray helps him to his feet.  Bray hits a big splash in the corner.  The ref begins counting as Bray lets Cena climb up him to get up.  Bray begins to dance with Cena.  Cena gets out and hits some running shoulderblocks, back suplex, and sets up the five knuckle shuffle.  Cena sets up the AA, but Bray reverses and hits a flapjack onto his knee.  Bray stomps on Cena.  A moment of contact breaks the count though.  Cena goes for the STF, but it is reversed into a one arm slam.  Bray does the creepy backbend in the corner.   Then he goes for the sister abigail, but its reversed.  Bray hits the running elbow to stop him.  Cena gets to the apron and Bray joins him.  Bray slams Cena on the apron.  The count starts again.  Wyatt is talking to Lawler.  Bray rolls back in.  He strikes Cena who is still on the apron.  They climb to the top rope and Bray attempts a superplex.  Cena headbutts him off and nails a flying leg drop.  Cena sets up the AA, but Bray hits the Sister Abigail.  The referee counts.  At six, Cena stirs and gets up at eight.  Bray charges and gets hit with the AA.  Both men are down.  Bray does the crab stand to get up.  The Wyatts and Usos fight inside and Harper does a suicide dive to take out Rowan and one of the Usos.  The other one jumps off the top rope and takes all of the men out.  Cena is distracted by this and gets hit in the abdomen with the steel chair by Bray.  He gets up and Bray smacks him over the back with it.  Cena rolls out and the ref counts.  Bray tries to smash Cena’s head in with the chair and ringpost, but Cena ducks and fights Bray down.  He then uses the chair on Bray.  Bray rolls in and Cena walks in with a chair.  Cena smacks Bray over the back with the chair.  Bray is down and the ref is counting.  Cena goes outside and finds a table.  Why would you do that Cena?  You hate tables.  Cena puts one in the ring and sets it up.  Bray blasts Cena.  Cena goes for the AA, but Bray reverses it and suplexes Cena through the table.  The ref counts and Cena gets up at eight.  Bray brings in the steel steps.  He picks it up and smashes Cena over the head with it.  Bray opens his arms while standing on the steps and maestros the audience into harmony.  Cena gets up and Bray stomps on his head on the stairs.  Bray lays Cena on the stairs, rolls outside the ring.  He gets a steel chair and attempts to bash him with it, but misses.  Cena picks up the steel stairs and hits Bray with it.  The ref counts.  Wyatt rolls outside to land on his feet.  Cena picks up the stairs and throws the steps and NAILS Bray Wyatt with the stairs!  Wyatt is up at eight though.  Cena pursues Bray, but is nailed with a Sister Abigail.  They both get up and Bray kicks Cena in the abdomen.  Bray picks up Cena and whips him towards the ringpost only for Cena to reverse it and Bray’s shoulder hit the ring post.  Bray flips Cena over his back onto the bottom half of the steel steps.  The ref begins the count.  Bray runs, jumps off the bottom stairs part, and lands the senton.  Cena is coughing as he gets back up.  Bray begins toying with Cena.  He thrusts John in the throat.  Bray picks up the chair, but Cena hits an AA on the outside.  The Wyatt Family are back and they jump Cena.  They pick up Bray.  They continue their massacre of John Cena.  They try to set up a table but are interrupted by The Usos.  They take out Rowan, and one goes to jump over the rope, but Harper hits him in the face with the table.  The ref is distracted and isn’t counting Bray who is down.  They set up two tables laying beside each other by the announce tables.  One table is set up on its side and one Uso hits an Butt Splash taking out Rowan through it.  Harper and Uso Two are on the top rope and Harper superplexes him through the two tables.  Cena looks on in disbelief and he refocuses on Bray.  Cena goes for the AA, but is splashed through the barricade into the timekeeper area.  The referee is counting, but the men get up and they fight into the audience.  Bray headbutts Cena and throat thrusts him as they head into the pyro area.  Bray and John are standing on tech equipment and exchanging blows.  Cena has Bray up and AA’s him through a black box.  Cena then slams another black box on top of it keeping Bray Wyatt trapped.  John Cena is the last man standing.

Winner:  John Cena

Post-match, Cena shows his armband that says Never Give Up.  He then goes and helps up The Usos.  They celebrate on the rampway.

Divas Championship

Paige (c) vs. Alicia Fox

They tie up and Alicia throws her outside.  Paige pulls Alicia down onto her knees.  Paige pulls Alicia into the ring with a suplex for a two count.  Paige hits reverse elbows in the corner.  Alicia rolls out and is crying… Fox pulls Paige down onto the apron.  Alicia is walking around and hits a clown in the audience.  Paige pulls Alicia to the steps, screams, and gets thrown onto her back on the outside.  Fox rolls her back in and gets a two count.  She screams Paige wants to ruin her face.  Alicia slams Paige’s face into the mat.  Alicia helps her up and hits a beautiful Northern Lights suplex.  Fox locks in a double arm surfboard.  Alicia rakes her face and lets her go.  Alicia steps on Paige and taunts.  Alicia hits a roundabout backbreaker.  She locks in a stretch on Paige.  She slams her down for two.  Alicia picks up Paige and hits another roundabout backbreaker.  Alicia drops Paige out on to the apron.  Paige is rolled back in and she hits a dropkick.  A couple of clotheslines, she screams, and whips Alicia into the corner.  Alicia ascends and and is pulled down onto her back.  Paige then locks in the Scorpion Armlock.  Now it’s called the PTO or Paige Tap-Out.  Alicia obliges and Paige retains.

Winner:  Paige

Post-match, the crowd is yelling You Tapped Out.  Alicia starts running out of the arena crying.

 No Holds Barred Elimination Six Man Tag Team Match

The Shield vs. Evolution

This will be fun.  They all start colliding.  Orton and Ambrose are fighting.  Batista and Reigns are going at it.  Rollins hits a big Pelee kick to Triple H.  They roll outside and Rollins jumps off the barricade onto HHH in the audience.  Ambrose is knocking down Orton.  Batista and Reigns are fighting on the entranceway.  Orton drops Ambrose on the barricade back first.  Orton then targets Rollins and slams him into the barricade.  Triple H throws Ambrose into the timekeeper area.  Finally order restores and Batista and Reigns are in the ring.  HHH and Orton are on the apron.  Rollins tags in and drops a fist on Batista.  Rollins stomps away.  Rollins kicks Batista in the corner.  Rollins whips Batista, but it is reversed and Batista anchor throws him through the turnbuckle.  Orton tags in and pounds on Rollins.  Rollins hits a dropkick to Orton and gets two.  Ambrose and Rollins team up on Orton.  Ambrose stomps away on Orton’s abdomen.  Ambrose pulls on Orton’s face.  Ambrose gets a one.  He pulls Orton to his corner and in comes Reigns.  Orton punches Reigns and tags in BOOOtista.  Reigns blasts him and gets a two.  Reigns headbutts Batista and tags in Dean.  Dean rakes Batista’s head across the top rope.  Batista hits a spinebuster for one.  HHH tags in and slams Dean’s head on the turnbuckle.  HHH whips Dean into the corner, but he reverses and tags in Reigns.  They stand off and Reigns winks at him.  HHH looks angry about it.  They keep staring off before finally locking up.  Reigns powers HHH down after he bounces off the ropes.  More standoffs… HHH kicks Reigns and whips him into the rope, Reigns reverses and hits a big flapjack.  Ambrose tags in and stomps on Ambrose.  Ambrose rams HHH in their corner.  Rollins tags in and rams HHH and then suplexes HHH with three connected like Eddie.  Dean tags in and punches HHH in the back while Rollins holds him.  Dean stomps on HHH’s face in the corner.  Ambrose does a running senton into HHH in the bottom of the turnbuckle.  Ambrose ascends, but HHH raises a boot to counter.  Batista tags in and throws Dean into the barricade.  Then he slams Dean on the barricade.  He sets up Ambrose on the apron and big boots him.  He rolls in and holds Ambrose while HHH pounds away on his head.  Ambrose kicks out at one.  Batista tags out to HHH.  Then Orton comes in.  Orton reverses the whip and throws Ambrose’s head into the mat.  HHH pounds away on Ambrose’s head after tagging in.  HHH then drops some knees on his forehead.  He gets a two count.  HHH punches Dean in the corner.  HHH is thrown into the corner, but flies over and lands on the outside.  Dean begins the slow crawl, but is cut off by HHH.  HHH hits the facebuster, but Dean bounces off the ropes and hits a big clothesline.  Dean slow crawls again and tags in Reigns.  Roman runs Batista into the corner, strikes him several times in the gut, and splashes him.  Roman runs outside and hits the big boot.  Roman sets up the Superman punch and Orton stops the count.  Everything breaks down again.  Dean and Orton keep fighting.  Rollins and HHH are dueling it out.  Roman and Batista are taking a snooze inside the ring.  HHH slams Rollins’ head on the barricade and they move into the tech area.  He slams Seth’s head on everything.  Dean jumps off a barricade somewhere else onto Orton.  Rollins jumps off a barricade and gets hit with a monitor.  Reigns throws Batista into the ringpost shoulder first.  He takes down the announce table before the rest of Evolution takes down Roman.  They clear the rest of the table.  HHH throws Reigns into the steel steps.  HHH now takes down the English Announce Table.  (E.A.T. Ryback approved)

HHH and Orton pick up Roman and they Triple Powerbomb Roman through the announce table.  Evolution just stands around until suddenly Dean comes out of nowhere and jumps off the EAT and lands on all three of them.  Rollins does a senton over the top rope onto HHH and Orton.  The numbers advantage helps as they take down Dean and Seth.  Batista throws Dean into the rampway-barricade.  They drag them up to the top of the ramp and HHH is just decimating Seth with the chair.  Orton back body drops Ambrose onto a set up chair.  HHH then Pedigrees Rollins onto a steel chair.  Evolution surrounds Roman in the ring and Batista hits a spinebuster.  Orton stomps on Roman.  They take off Roman’s shirt and vest.  They pull in the bottom part of the steel steps.  HHH pulls Roman onto the steel steps.  Batista and Orton and HHH are caning Roman.  Orton rolls out and grabs another chair.  Roman hits a big Superman punch to Orton, but is instantly jumped by HHH and Batista.  Roman rolls outside with huge welps on his back.  HHH stalks Roman and smashes him over the back with it.  Orton headbutts him.  They move back onto the rampway.  Dean jumps them as they are preoccupied.  Then they deal with him as Orton hits a drapped DDT on the concrete using part of the entranceway.  Rollins jumps off the tron onto Evolution!  Everyone is down!

Rollins is crawling towards the ring and Batista follows and charges him.  Rollins blocks it with a kick.  Rollins jumps off the top rope and eats a spear.  Batista goes for a Batistabomb, but Rollins gets out of the way and Roman comes out of nowhere and hits a big spear for Rollins to roll over and get a three count.

Batista is eliminated.

Orton hits an RKO, but Roman interrupts the pin.  Orton has the drapped DDT, but Dean hits him with the steel chair.  He hits his finisher on the chair and gets the three.

Randy Orton is eliminated.

HHH crawls in and lowblows Dean.  Sets up for the pedigree, but Roman hits the Superman punch.  Batista returns to hit a spear on Roman.  HHH and Roman are laid out.  Orton hands HHH a sledge hammer.  Dean crawls back in and eats a sledge hammer shot.  Roman gets up, but Seth hits a flying knee to the face.  It’s enough for Triple H to drop his hammer and take a spear for Roman Reigns for the three count.

Winners:  The Shield

The Shield puts their fists together as the show closes.

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