The New 52 Futures End’s Stormwatch Mystery Solved Heading Into Issue #5? Post Forever Evil #7 DC Comics Chatter Alongside Stormwatch #30 Spoilers!

In last week’s Demythify column, I expounding on how confused I was after reading Stormwatch #29 and then The New 52 Futures End, as the former had Jim Starlin’s rebooted ‘Watch as leads and the latter had Paul Cornell’s first New 52 team as the lead.

Well, a few of you responded to me on social media and corrected me, including Mike who posted here; despite the closure Stormwatch #29 provided for Jim Starlin’s run, the actual issue was by writer Sterling Gates and artist Jeremy Roberts, who will also be the artist on the New Suicide Squad debuting in July (that title is actually set up in a big way in the post Forever Evil #7 Suicide Squad #30 final issue).

So, as a result, I’m writing today about how Stormwatch #30 bridges to The New 52 Futures End #1 in terms of Stormwatch.

Before I go there, let’s get you caught up on the first month of Futures End:

Alright, now onto Stormwatch #30, that series’ finale.

SPOILERS follow. You have been warned!

Stormwatch #30 is a well written book with amazing art that re-reboots Stormwatch back from Starin’s version to Cornell’s. And, it is not explained. The team’s return is given passing reference to in the first page between Apollo and Midnighter and later by the book’s Century baby.

The book ends with the team firmly in control and protecting Earth from alien threats. Something they have been doing since Merlin founded the team back in its Demon Knights incarnation.

Plus we have an interesting fate for long-lived Adam-One.

Stormwatch #30 is a great read, but not satisfying in terms of closure on how Paul Cornell’s team has returned. Moving past that, the book has great characterization, action, humor and some gorgeous art.

The post Forever Evil New Suicide Squad should make fans happy with Jeremy Roberts on art. Stormwatch #30 is a great showcase for him in advance of New Suicide Squad #1.

Deathstroke joins Deadshot on the roster; two of my fave characters finally on together on my fave team book franchise. Harley Quinn and Joker’s Daughter I’m indifferent about, but Black Manta joining too and Amanda Waller as (likely) field team leader (the old Rick Flag and later Bronze Tiger role from the 1980’s) seem like good team round-outs. I still hope Captain Boomerang makes the roster too, but I’m still pretty excited for the New Suicide Squad on international missions.

Moving from Jeremy Roberts, DC Comics, listen up – get writer Sterling Gates on 2 to 3 New 52 titles STAT! He remains a top writer in my eyes. He never disappoints.

It was very difficult for me to find Stormwatch #30 a month or so after it hit stands. I do encourage you to seek it out because it is a great super-hero yarn and it’s really pretty to look at.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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