Exclusive Interview With Dan Jurgens On DC Comics’ Aquaman, Booster Gold & New 52 Futures End 3D Month! Plus Aquaman & The Others #3 Spoilers & Preview!

Last week we had part 1 of our interview with writer-artist Dan Jurgens on his work as a co-writer of DC Comics New 52’s weekly series The New 52 Futures End.

This week Dan talks with us about his stint as writer on Aquaman and the Others as well as his contribution to DC Comics September 2014 line-wide 3D cover month tied into The New 52 Futures End (all 41 3D related solicitations here).

Peppered in with the interview are the previews pages from Comic Vine for this week’s Aquaman and the Others #3 penned by Dan Jurgens. Plus we have the two covers that make up Dan’s Booster Gold 3D cover for September below.


Comics Nexus You’ve been in the business a long-time. 🙂 Did you ever think you’d see the day that Aquaman would headline three books: Aquaman, Aquaman and the Others, and Justice League?

Dan Jurgens – Aw, c’mon! Is Aquaman really headlining Justice League?

Seriously, I think it’s great. It’s a tribute to Geoff Johns and the work he invested in reshaping the character.

Nexus What makes Aquaman and the Others unique from the other titles Aquaman is featured in? What sold you on being the writer for the book?

Jurgens – The Others, each of whom has a very unique feel, is the key difference from the Aquaman title itself. Their potential, as well as their newness, is what sold me on the idea of doing the book. Lots of potential there!

Nexus In a book where you have “The Others”, do you feel you have more creative freedom to experiment than you may otherwise have with Superman or Batman? Or do you have to work closely with the creative teams of the other two titles Aquaman is featured in?

Jurgens -Generally, yeah. I mean, for the most part, the backgrounds of the Others are blank slates. It’s something we’re working hard to define.

We’ve yet to see how they all met and got together. I like that. Really opens things up for future stories.

Nexus The end of Aquaman and the Others #1 has a tease of things to come for The New 52 Futures End. Beyond September’s Futures End month, will see more New 52 Futures End story beats in Aquaman and the Others?

Jurgens -Well… FUTURES END tells the story of the DCU Five Years from now.

Sayeh appears able to see the future.

Kind of fits, don’t you think?

Nexus We’ve seen the recent introduction of a biracial Wally West in the Flash. Do you have any plans to introduce Garth or Kaldur, DC’s two Aqualads yet to make their New 52 debuts, in Aquaman and the Others?

Jurgens – No. At present, I have enough characters to focus on with the Others.

Nexus Anything you want to tease for fans eagerly anticipating futures issues of Aquaman and the Others?

Jurgens – I think we have a really good mix of characters in the book. Part of the fun is that we’re really able to dig in deeper with them.

Nexus Will we see Dan Jurgens doing any pencilling in the near future despite having a full writer’s plate it would seem?

Jurgens – I really hope to do more. I drew FUTURES END #3… !

Nexus – You’ve been tapped to work on September’s Futures End Booster Gold #1. Is this a one-shot deal for you or will we see more from Dan Jurgens and Booster Gold monthly?

Jurgens – Right now, with the FUTURES END Weekly and AQUAMAN AND THE OTHERS, it’s all I can do to get this issue up and running.

Nexus Any chance we’ll see Rip Hunter and any of the gang from your most recent Booster Gold series somewhen soon?

Jurgens – This is all about Booster at this point. Time to let the readers know what he’s been up to!

Nexus You can’t do a major time travel story in the DCU without Booster Gold. It also seems you can’t do one without Dan Jurgens. How do you make an accessible, engaging tale with a concept like time travel, paradoxes, etc. that give some creators and readers brain cramps?

Jurgens – Maybe I’m just getting used to it?

Seriously, the idea is to frame a stories in such a way that readers can latch on. Do that and you make it easier on yourself as a writer.

I would like to thank Dan Jurgens for speaking to me about his current slate of DC Comics New 52 projects.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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