Earth 2 #24 Spoilers & Review: Batman Vs. Superman DC Comics New 52 Style With Thomas Wayne Vs. Val Zod

Earth 2 remains one of the most well-written and well-drawn books from DC Comics and any publisher. Despite a sudden change at writer, the book continues to excite. In fact, the series will get a second title this Fall as it intersects with The New 52 Futures End and into a weekly series called Earth 2: World’s End.

That weekly will only be about six month, but it still has its own compelling teaser puzzle image (spoilers here). As such, the current battle for the soul of Earth 2 just became more important to DC Comics’ multiverse as Val Zod, destined to be Earth 2’s soon-to-be black Superman, continues to gain series prominence as his cells soak in the rays of the sun.

In Earth 2 #23, the battle between an evil Superman and his presumed dead heroic wife Lois Lane as Red Tornado reached creepy proportions with Ma and Pa Kent (spoilers here). We also saw Darkseid’s forces take on Earth 2’s “Wonders” including a brand new Batman (Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne who has super-powers and honors his dead son through his heroic action) from the previous Earth 2 #22 (spoilers here).

Spoilers follow for Earth 2 #24.

You have been warned!

The issue does feature Thomas Wayne’s Batman versus a soon-to-be-Superman Val Zod. The pacifist Kryptonian is blamed by the Dark Knight for the death of Connor Hawke, Earth 2’s Red Arrow.

Well, Connor Hawke fans will be disappointed; not just due to the white-washing of the character, but the added indignity of his death.

However, there is an interesting moment between Earth 2’s Jimmy Olsen and the Thomas Wayne Batman; Olsen tells Batman that he didn’t do enough to save Red Arrow either, but he understands. He encourages Batman to set a better example of humanity for Val Zod so he can achieve his pontential. Plus, Jimmy Olsen seems in awe of Val Zod, a pacifist Kryptonian; an interesting conundrum.

In another subplot of Earth 2 #24, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl free the Flash from the clutches of Darkseid’s hordes and go off to find another ally in their fight for Earth 2…. the Pied Piper? Wha?

Below right is the classic DC Comics’ Who’s Who entry for this pre-Flashpoint Flash Rogue. I wonder what his Earth 2 incarnation will be like.

The book ends with Jimmy Olsen confronting Val Zod, both commiserating about Batman, and Val Zod stepping up and taking his place a protector of Earth 2 (in part since Jimmy is hounding him to find out what he’s been hiding underneath his torn shirt)!

I can’t wait to see what Earth 2’s milestone #25 issues holds and how it all sets up Earth 2: World’s End and continues the surprising ending to Forever Evil #7 (spoilers here).

Artist Eddy Barrows did some nice work on Earth 2 #24 while writer Tom Taylor, who also works on the mega-popular Injustice digital comic book, is continuing his frenetic storytelling pace. I just love this book.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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