WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 6/9/14: Why Seth Why?

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Tonight is shaping up to be a pretty newsworthy edition of RAW. We have still yet to hear any explanation from Seth Rollins as to why he turned on his fellow Shield members. Also, Triple H has promised a big announcement to start the show. And with rumors swirling that Daniel Bryan’s neck injury is worse than originally thought, will it involve the WWE Title? Follow along to find out!

The Authority Needs To Work On Their Evil Laugh

RAW started with The Authority coming out with smiles all around. HHH said it was a good night to be right. Steph said they finally have an answer to the WWE Title situation. She then cut to a video of the doctor who performed Daniel Bryan’s surgery and said that Bryan would not be cleared to wrestle this month and would be re-evaluated. Steph said you can’t expect an A+ recovery from a B+ player. Triple H said they need a Champion that will be there to defend the Title. Steph said they officially stripped Bryan of the WWE Championship. The crowd chanted NO but Steph said they have no choice. Steph said their condolences go out to him and his ungrateful wife Brie. Steph said that there will be a WWE Championship Ladder Match at Money in the Bank. The first two entries are Alberto del Rio and Randy Orton. Triple H said that this just proved Daniel Bryan’s victory was a fluke.

Triple H then said that he has said numerous times: adapt or perish. HHH then said Seth Rollins adapted. They then cut to a clip of last week’s events. HHH then said there would be a six man tag with Ambrose and Reigns against the Wyatts. He said it would probably be more like a handicap match since they probably won’t be able to find a partner.

Great Match, Ugh Result

Its Bad News Barrett vs Sheamus in a Money in the Bank qualifier for the WWE Title. Barrett landed a couple early kicks but Sheamus bounced back from the corner and hit a clothesline. Barrett came back with a headbutt and short clothesline of his own. Sheamus caught Barrett with a shot to the gut and went for his rope punches but Barrett blocked them and knocked Sheamus off the apron. Barrett then hit a shoulder tackle off the steps. Sheamus caught Barrett with a clothesline back in the ring then connected on his rope punches. Sheamus hit a suplex from the apron for two. Sheamus mised a knee drop. Sheamus then ducked a clothesline and hit a crossbody, sending both men to the outside into commercial.

Back from break Barrett hit a suplex off the second rope for two. Sheamus blocked a Barrett elbow off the top and started a comeback and connected with an Irish Curse Backbreaker for two. Sheamus went to the top but Barrett moved out of the way and then hit the Winds of Change. Sheamus escaped Wasteland and missed a Brogue Kick, but connected on a backdrop. Barrett escaped another Brouge Kick. Sheamus went to the top but Barrett moved and Sheamus went right into the Barricade. Sheamus beat the count but Barrett connected in the ring with Wasteland but only got two. Barrett went for the Bullhammer but Sheamus ducked and hit White Noise for two.

Both men exchanged punches until Barrett blocked a battering ram with a headbutt. Barrett landed multiple punches and then threw Sheamus into the ringpost. Barrett continued to attack, but then Sheamus hit a Brouge Kick from out of nowhere for the win.

WINNER: Sheamus

The Wyatts cut a promo. They said every man has urges. Bray said The Shield fell victim to the faults of man. And tonight, they will burn for it.

Before the match, Lana cut her typical anti-USA promo but insulted Obama as well with a workout video of him. Rusev then made really quick work of Zack Ryder. After the match a Russian flag came down.

The partner of Goldust this week was R-Truth. Rybaxel dominated R-Truth for the first couple minutes before Goldust got the hot tag. He hit a scoop slam on both men then a reverse crossbody off the top. R-Truth was dumped to the outside. Goldust hit a spinebuster on Ryback but Axel rolled up Goldust to pick up the win.

Backstage Summer Rae dumped milk on Layla.

And This Is Why Seth Turned Instead of Dean

3MB was in the ring when The Shield came out. 3MB had the upper hand early on but Ambrose and Reigns gained it eventually. Ambrose clotheslined Drew over the barricade. Slater tried to run away but the camera missed Reigns hitting a Spear on Slater on the stage.

Ambrose said The Shield was untouchable and they will go down as one of the greatest groups ever. He said they beat everybody. But they had a cancer inside them that they didn’t know about, and its name was Seth Rollins. He said history is full of people like Seth. Ambrose said that when he gets the opportunity to re-arrange his face, his nose will be by his ear. Ambrose said he won’t have many teeth left either. Ambrose said Rollins is scum, and he wants Rollins to stand in the middle of the ring and hear Triple H’s words coming out of his mouth, and then they are going to beat the hell out of him. They showed Rollins in a suit watching in the back.

Reigns said there are things you don’t do in life, like stabbing your brothers in the back. Reigns said Orton likes to think he is the Face of the Company. But when he is done with him he will be the ass of the company. Reigns said he is coming for HHH after, and they are going to have their own game of thrones.

It’s The Usos vs Fandango and Damien Sandow, in full skin colored dancing attire. The Usos had the upper hand on Fandango early before he tagged in Sandow. Sandow stopped himself in the ropes and danced but then ate a superkick. The Usos then hit their splash for the win.

Bo Dallas defeated Xaiver Woods and did his normal celebration after the match. Before the match, Bo said the only way Daniel Bryan would recover was if he bo-lieved.

Not All Hope Is Lost!

Paul Heyman was in the ring talking about how his client Brock Lesnar is the best athlete ever from the University of Minnesota. He talked about how his client and the next WWE Champion wanted to have a victory party tonight, so he then introduced Cesaro.

Cesaro vs RVD started. RVD hit a spinning heel kick followed by a dropkick. Cesaro came back with a shoulder tackle then caught RVD mid-air and hit a backbreaker. RVD reversed Cesaro and catapulted Cesaro across the ring. RVD hit a thrust kick off the top and followed it up with a senton over the top into commercial.

Back from break RVD caught Cesaro with a spinning heel kick. Cesaro caught RVD again and hit a fallaway slam. Cesaro threw RVD into the barricade outside. Back in the ring Cesaro landed an uppercut and followed it up with a stomp. RVD fought out of a headlock and hit another kick. RVD went for the catapult again but Cesaro caught him with an uppercut. Both men exchanged near fall attempts. RVD went for a springboard but Cesaro knocked him off the ropes. Cesaro then hit the Neutralizer for the win.

WINNER: Cesaro

Now As A Heel, Rollins Is Saving Water With No Wet Hair!

Michael Cole was out to interview Seth Rollins. Rollins said he doesn’t get what all the controversey is about. He said he doesn’t get what the big deal is. He was just doing what is best for business. He said The Shield was created by him. He said Dean Ambrose is psychotic and if he was by himself for a week he would end up in a ditch. He said Reigns has no one to control him. Rollins said they are worthless without him. Rollins asked Cole why he thought this was such a surprise. Rollins said they conquered the world and at Payback he learned something from Evolution. He said he learned that you have to evolve and adapt. Rollins said he bought into the evolution of Seth Rollins. Rollins said it took guts for him to do what he did last week. Rollins said to him, Reigns and Ambrose were just business partners and he severed a business relationship last week. He said for two years he came out here and said believe in The Shield, but from now on everyone better start believing in Seth Rollins.

Rollins said he heard Ambrose earlier say he would let him say his peace then would kick the hell out of him. Rollins threw the chair out of the ring then Ambrose and Reigns came out. Suddenly the Wyatts music hit and Rowan and Harper came in the ring. They brawled but Roman and Ambrose tried to get Seth before Bray helped them gain the upper hand. Cena then made the save as him, Ambrose and Reigns watched on as Rollins ran off.

And The Water Is Wasted Again!

It’s Paige vs Alicia Fox with Aksana at ringside. On the outside Fox ran into Aksana but then Fox caught Paige with a dropkick. Fox went to a headlock the a northern lights suplex then back to a headlock. Fox threw Paige down then caught her with a clothesline and followed it up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Fox went to toss Paige to the outside but Paige countered with a hurricarana sending Fox to the outside. Paige hit some knees to the face then a couple short clotheslines. Paige went to the second rope but Fox pulled her off. Paige then tossed Alicia into Aksana again then applied the PTO for the submission win.


After the match, Fox attacked Aksana and dumped two water bottles on her and a bucket of popcorn. Fox then apologized for what she did.

Jack Swagger defeated Santino. Santino dominated early until Colter motivated Swagger outside the ring by slapping him a couple times.

Backstage Cody Rhodes told Goldust that he had a partner for him next week that would magnify his magnificence and he would be there next week.

Vickie was backstage to celebrate with The Authority with a toast, but she sneezed so Steph slapped away the glasses and said she fired her once and not to make her do it again.

Hey They Can Still Have Good Six Man Tags Without Rollins

It’s Cena and The Shield vs The Wyatt Family. The match started with all six men brawling. Ambrose and Rowan started in the ring. Ambrose hit a corssbody then some kicks in the corner followed by a sommersalt roll into Rowan then a crossbody over the top onto Harper. Reigns tagged in and hit ten punches in the corner. Reigns hit a clothesline but Rowan caught him with an elbow and tagged in Harper. Reigns blocked a couple of suplexes and then hit one of his own. Ambrose tagged in and applied a half crab on Harper. Ambrose knocked Rowan and Bray off the apron but then ran into a boot from Harper. Bray tagged in and hit a couple of punches. Rowan came in then tossed Ambrose into the barricade on the outside. Ambrose reversed Rowan on a second attempt and threw him into the steps. Bray tagged in and then the heels took turns beating down Ambrose.

Back from break Ambrose fought out of a chinlock but then walked right into a sidewalk slam from Rowan. Bray came in and hit a splash in the corner but on the second attempt Ambrose got his knees up. Ambrose went to the top but Bray caught him and hit a chokeslam. Harper hit a couple uppercuts but Ambrose bounced off the ropes and hit a clothesline, then tagged in Cena. Cena went into CENA MODE on Rowan and dumped Harper to the outside, but Rowan came back with a boot. Bray came in and taunted the crowd. Cena hit a dropkick but Bray came back with a clothesline. Harper came in and applied a torture rack which lead to a neckbreaker for two. Rowan came in and hit a fallaway slam then tagged in Bray. Bray did his mock dance then hit a throwaway suplex for two. Bray missed a back splash, which allowed Cena to tag in Reigns.

Reigns went to work on Harper. Ambrose took out Rowan and clotheslined him to the outside, but Rowan backed Ambrose into the apron. Reigns hit is apron dropkick but Rowan broke up the count. Cena hit a crossbody off the top but walked right into a Sister Abigail from Bray. Reigns hit the Superman Punch while Ambrose took out Rowan with a dive to the outside. Harper hit a superkick on Reigns but only got a two. Harper took his time recovering, but walked right into a Spear from Reigns to give the faces a win. They stood tall to close the show.

WINNERS: The Shield and John Cena


Shield Promo: If you wanted to know why Rollins turned instead of Ambrose, all you had to do was watch that promo. Rollins, despite his improvements, could not deliver the promo Ambrose did. It was great. Reigns had a tough act to follow, but he delivered the zingy one liner at the end that got the crowd to back him. It was a good response from both men.

Seth Rollins Interview: I thought Rollins did a good job of delivering his response as well. Rollins did a good job of sounding full of himself and selling the audience that he was, at the end of the day, a business man who did not care what anybody thought about him. It was a good first step for Rollins. It didn’t come off forced. Rollins as a heel is off to a good start.

Sheamus/Wade Barrett: Despite what some of the people who leave comments have to say, I thought this was a very good match. These two guys are very good workers in the ring and they can put on an entertaining match. Do I think the wrong guy won? Yeah. But that doesn’t take away from the match itself. A few years ago I thought these guys would be main eventers by now. But poor booking has stopped that. But their in ring work is good and I enjoy watching their matches.

Six Man Tag: No Rollins, no problem! Looks like The Shield is still capable of having good six man tags. Cena is no Rollins but he is not as bad as people make him out to be in the ring and he played his part well here. I was kind of surprised to see The Wyatt Family take the clean loss here. They are definitely losing a bit of steam. For all the “I guarantee this will be the end of The Shield” talk from HHH, I was a bit surprised to see a clean win with nothing else at the end. But if they want people to believe that Ambrose and Reigns are still a threat together without Rollins, they did a good job with the win here and the 3MB beat down earlier in the night.


Constant Repetitiveness: This has more to do with three hour RAWs than anything specifically about this show. While I enjoyed Barrett/Sheamus, how many times has it been done before? And in the last month alone, how about Cesaro/RVD? And what about Rusev/Ryder? There is just too much TV time and not enough fresh stuff to go with it. You could easily cut a lot of stuff from this show and not make Smackdown seem like RAW-lite.

Damien Sandow: It seems like the guy is embracing this silliness, but what did he do to piss someone off? At least the crowd applauded him for his efforts, but this is just embarrassing for the guy at this point.

I thought the WWE did a good job of hitting on the main points of tonight’s show. Both Ambrose/Reigns and Rollins hit their mark on their promos tonight. That was the key for this show. There were two very good matches, but as I said, a lot of the show just felt like a repeat from the previous weeks. As far as the WWE Title picture goes, they are doing what is best by giving Bryan time to rest. You would have to assume two of the other spots are going to Cena and Bray. If Kane gets another, then who gets the last one? Only Cesaro and Bray are interesting options there. As far as the show goes, I’m going to give it a 6. If the WWE found a way to make more of its mid-card interesting then the ratings would go up.

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