Forever Heel: The Smarkass WWE Heel Rundown. Bow Bow

The best part of being a heel is manipulating guys into attacking their buddies. Seth Rollins isn’t even the first Rollins to attack his fellow faction mates. Henry Rollins did the same thing to the members of Black Flag. That last statement is 100% true, it even included the chair shots. Seth turning heel is obvious because he was getting sick of wiping AmbroseĀ“ and Reigns’ noses. I can’t understand what Vince sees in the Samoan curse that is Roman Reigns? I’m also hoping maybe Solomon Crowe can reach Ambrose, and we could finally see a tag team made up of two level headed individuals. I was surprised to see Seth deliver the nail in the coffin to the Shield. The Shield was nothing to write home about anyway. Ā  I mean they were no Cabinet.

Another rising star is Bo Dallas. I really feel good about this young man. I also approve of the way he let Kofi get destroyed by Kane. That’s what Kofi gets for not asking for help when he’s twittering. Bo even beat Kofi the next night on Raw, and took a traditional victory lap. I’m high on Bo because he reminds me of a young CH Punk, where I would attack my butlers and maids, and take a victory lap while in my undies. In fact I’m doing that tomorrow. I also think Bo handeled the murder of his brother Husky, and keeping the NXT Belt away from that horrible Sami Zayn quite well. Here’s to hoping Bo has a stellar 2015. Oh shit right, it’s not anywhere close to New Years 2015 is it?

The Diva’s Division is in its darkest days, with a paper champion like Paige running around, and WWE brass holding down Eva Marie. Alicia Fox is stepping up to the plate in a big way. Why not? Alicia isn’t a loser or anything. Fox has proven time and again she can wrestle with the best of them, and since Paige doesn’t know how to wrestle, look for Fox to gain the belt soon. Honestly have you seen that Smokey eyed dunce do anything but jump around and yell at the air? I can’t stand these foreigners coming to America and stealing our wrestling belts.

How great is our Intercontinental Champion? Bad News Barrett is really showing that there’s a lot of championship material outside the U.S. I also like the idea of having a Brit on the roster to beat the snot out of Sheamus, and show the Irish what a good CommonWealth ass kicking looks like. I’m hoping he gets to beat up Drew McIntyre for some real UK continuity.

Okay the heel of the week is Triple H because he’s the external bastard that we all wish was our boss. He said, he wouldn’t lose on Raw, and he didn’t. Triple H probably pointed out to Seth Rollins that Ambrose is a psychopath and that Reigns is going to lose Cena at WrestleMania 31 anyway, so why not join Evolution? Triple H also in a Machiavellian act of brilliance, left Dave with only blue ring gear, which drove the marks crazy. That’s why he’s known as the Cerebral Assassin folks.

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