DC Comics’ The New 52 Futures End #6 Spoilers & Review: Batman Beyond Unmasked, Superman Masked, The Power Of Shazam &… Deathstroke?

As we march to September 2014 and DC Comics’ 41 title New 52 Futures End 3D cover month and 5 year line-wide leap forward, the weekly series’ sixth issue hits stands today.

Before I get to my capsule review and spoilers, here’s what you need to know about the weekly Futures End so far:

Spoilers and capsule review follow for The New 52 Futures End #6.

As has been case in the past with DC Comics, a big reveal was provided in their FREE preview. It appears that Mister Terrific has discovered who Batman Beyond is; Terry McGinnis has been hiding in plain sight at the park across from TerrifiTech.

Beyond the preview, once you delve into the actual book we learn via another subplot, the new status quo of the Phantom Zone explained. A the same time Frankenstein, Father Time, Amethyst and Ray Palmer enter the zone on their way to find out what happened to Stormwatch. In the Phantom Zone they are confronted by an unexpected villain hero anti-hero (maybe)?

Black Adam, the wielder of the Power of Shazam! Oh, things just picked up!

In another subplot, an older Tim Drake (under an alias) confronts an annoying Ron Raymond (one half of Firestorm) to surprising result. In addition, Lois Lane confronts Tim Drake again (although its written almost as its their first meeting; poor editing maybe?) and he kicks her out of his bar. Tim’s companion Madison has some unexplained connection to Lois Lane and she also presses Tim about whether his is the once though dead Red Robin of the Teen Titans.

An interesting side note; Tim Drake’s alias of Cal Corcoran has some hidden meaning. Corcoran is an Irish surname derived from “corcair” which means “crimson”. Sneaky, sneaky these New 52 Futures End writers.

The book is capped off with Lois Lane leaving the bar about to pursued by King Faraday who has kidnapped Grifter for a yet-to-be-revealed mission at the heart of the New 52 Futures End over the previous two issues. King Faraday is confronted by the masked Superman with a warning.

Hands of Lois Lane! Hmm. Who is this masked S-wearer?

And, as with the previous issues of this weekly series, we get a glimpse at the next issue; The New 52 Futures End #7 out next week!

More Black Adam it seems, Deathstroke intermingling with the Grifter subplot, Madison confronting Lois Lane and Mister Terrific confronting Batman Beyond!

With all the core subplots established, the New 52 Futures End #6 really was the most action-packed, high-octane issue yet. If you have been waiting for things to pick up, this is the issue to get!

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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