My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: Why Punk Why? (CM Punk, “Stone Cold” El Torito, WWE)


Hello and welcome to My Pinterest Is Piledrivers.  I am James A. Sawyer, and you may find me here @todaysjimsawyer.  I had a column half-written, but I wasn’t happy with the format and it was turning into a big shapeless rant.  Next week it might still be a big shapeless rant, but it’ll at least have some time to maybe age like fine wine.  Or yogurt left out in the sun.

Do kids still know what yogurt is?  What do kids eat?  Hmmm… like Red Bull left out in the back of a Toyota with dead Muppets in the front.

So this column is short, and ideally based on the feedback in the comment sections.  I had a discussion with some associates of mine, during cucumber sandwiches at the Kentucky Derby.  Or over Game of Thrones and Michelob Light.  Basically, this-

Does CM Punk owe us, the fans,  anything?

Remembering now this had to have been during last month’s PPV, which took place in the final game of the Blackhawks-Kings playoff game.  Someone mentioned that, since the Blackhawks lost, it was time Punk got his ass back to the WWE.  I think I replied how unlikely that was, and if he didn’t come back for the Chicago RAW, or Wrestlemania XXX, or for Hornswaggle versus El Torito, he ain’t coming back anytime soon.

I believe one side would think that the fans are what made CM Punk.  That he’s able to retire at 35 because of the lifestyle of being a popular wrestler with lots of merchandise can afford him.  He had an audience that cared about him and loved him as a performer, and that’s not something a lot of wrestlers can say, in WWE or in general.  It’s sort of a “fuck you” to the fans to just up and leave, and that’s what he continues to do.

The other side would say that he doesn’t owe anyone anything.  He’s a human being, and not a slave.  People quit their jobs all the time, and that’s what he is and that’s what it was.  It’s a public job, but a job nonetheless.  After so many wrestlers performing way past their expiration date, making poor choices in how they handle road life and fame, that it’s probably healthiest for him and everyone if he quits when he wants to and doesn’t break, mentally or physically.  That, and the Red Eye article his friend posted on him probably gives clues as to his decision making.

Then again, one might argue if he gave a definitive answer that he wouldn’t have people sneaking into his building to give him Easter candy… despite not being Christian, or perhaps not even liking Peeps, the animal.

Anyway, what say you, the readers?


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