My Thoughts: WWE RAW 6.16.14 (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Stardust)

WWE Raw 11-13 Header

#1~ One of the best parts of the WWE Network has to be watching all of the old segments they air in-between shows. Like the Los Guerreros vignette & Stone Cold Steve Austin “Confidential” segment I just saw again. The Guerrero vignettes are classic in every sense of the word.

#2~ I keep seeing Rob Van Dam in this opening segment & am so happy Alberto Del Rio beat him for the Money In The Bank ladder match. Not because I’m an Alberto Del Rio fan at all but he kept RVD out of the now WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Come on, we all know that Del Rio doesn’t have a chance but at least now we’re spared all of the Rob Van Dam fans called for a championship win for “one last run.”

#3~ Great match showcasing two young talents in Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins. I have to believe that the “reports” coming out about Ziggler not being pushed because of injuries to be true since he has had numerous concussions (and once you have one, you’re likely to have more). But you have to question the sense in that when he can put on a performance like he did tonight. He always turns it on when the “lights are on bright” & he’s got that big match mentality, showing it again tonight, making Seth Rollins look great while not looking too shabby in the process.

#4~ Dean Ambrose showing up in street clothes was the perfect touch for this feud. The “lunatic fringe” is the modern-day “rowdy one” except that Ambrose is an exceptional athlete. He started to cut another memorable promo against Rollins before competing in a very good match against the Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett and in his street clothes nonetheless. I love how their focusing Ambrose and Rollins together while Roman Reigns handles The Authority & hopefully an eventual match against Triple H at SummerSlam. This seems like the best route for all parties involved.

#5~ So Roman Reigns inherited The Shield’s theme music. I wonder who the WWE thinks is going to be the star out of that faction… I like the addition of Reigns into the Money In The Bank ladder match. Not only does it give a MASSIVE babyface for the audience to root for but it also gives Randy Orton a direct adversary during the match. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no part of me that believes that Reigns is going to win the match but it adds a nice wrinkle to the storyline of the match.

#6~ Ahhhh they were too busy coming up with Stardust’s theme music to create ones for Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose. Hell, Ambrose had to wrestle in his street clothes since the seamstresses were too busy with the Stardust costume. Not that I’m complaining! You have to hand it to Cody Rhodes. No matter what’s thrown at him, he can take it and make it work. Better than make it work, he gets it over! I would not be surprised to see a huge ground swell for Goldust & Stardust this summer.

#7~ I have nothing to say about the main event. It was what it was but I’m exhausted and the main event featured Kane & John Cena… Kane who debuted in 1997 and Cena who has been in the main event since winning his first WWE Championship in 2005. Why should I care?

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