WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 6/23/14: Final Money in the Bank Hype

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It’s the last RAW before Money in the Bank this Sunday. We have a contract signing for some odd reason for the WWE Title match. Also, who will join Seth Rollins in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a guaranteed WWE Title shot? Follow along to find out.

At Least Steph Didn’t Say Eddie Was In Hell

RAW started with Stephanie McMahon. She said she doesn’t like when people can’t handle simple tasks. She asked Vickie out to the ring. Vickie said it was Roman Reigns who put something in her coffee. Steph said that was her biggest mistake, letting Reigns compete in the battle royal last week. Steph said Roman Reigns now has a chance to win the WWE Title, and if that happens it is on Vickie. Vickie said it wouldn’t happen again and Steph said she was damn right. Steph said for nine years Vickie has been riding the coat tails of her late husband Eddie Guerrero. Steph said Eddie deserves the respect but she doesn’t and has always been a complete failure. Vickie said she would do anything. Steph made her beg and get on her knees. Steph wasn’t pleased and said she was pathetic. Steph said Vickie has two options: get fired or remain as GM of Smackdown if she wins her match later tonight, against herself. Vickie said the Guerrero name is more respected than the McMahon name, and Eddie taught her to Lie, Cheat and Steal. Vickie said to EXCUSE HER and left.

And This New Theme Is Overkill

It’s Luke Harper vs Jimmy Uso. Harper and Rowan came out to a really weird harmonica like version of “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” Harper had the upper hand early hitting a dropkick and big boot. Jimmy ducked a clothesline and hit a crescent kick. Rowan distracted Jimmy but Jey took him out. Jimmy, however, turned right into Harper’s finishing clothesline giving him the win.

WINNER: Luke Harper

Jey Uso took the mic and challenged Rowan, saying things were just getting Uso Crazy. Jey hit a dive to the outside on Rowan and Harper. Rowan vs Jey Uso already started back from break. Rowan caught Jey and hit a fallaway slam. Rowan continued to dominate. He connected on a headbutt and landed some blows in the corner. Rowan charged at Jey but Jey moved and Rowan hit the post. Jimmy took out Harper on the outside this time and Jey hit the splash on Rowan to pick up the win.


After the match Rowan and Harper took out both Usos then posed with the belts. Bray appeared on screen. He said he was proud of his brothers and that his victory will also change everything.

Lana and Rusev were in front of the capital building earlier today cutting a promo. She said all of her monuments were pathetic compared to everything in Russia. She said we will all have no choice but to bow down to Russia and their great leader Vladimir Putin.

Naomi vs Alicia Fox. Paige and Cameron on commentary and Cameron was GOD AWFUL. It was distracting from the match. Alicia hit her tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then dumped Naomi to the outside. Naomi recovered in the ring and hit some kind of reverse DDT finisher for the win. The match was longer but Cameron’s commentary was distracting.

Bo Dallas vs Titus O’Neil. Titus started with his backbreakers then some punches in the corner. Titus charged at Bo but he moved and Bo went right into his Bo-Dog finisher for the win. After the match Titus knocked the microphone out of Bo’s hand. Bo said it was his fault because he had butterfingers. Bo told Titus to continue to bolieve.

I Like Kofi’s Chances at MITB

Triple H came out. He said he’s in a city where elected officials continue to make bad decisions but he is still the bad guy. He said he just does what is best for business. That’s why there will be two ladder matches this Sunday. HHH talked about the MITB Contract giving the winner the ability to write their own future. HHH said that everyone that is in the match because it is best for business. They are: Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Bad News Barrett. HHH said anyone could win the match. And that is Rob Van, he then stopped himself and laughed. He said that man is the future of the WWE and that man is Seth Rollins.

Rollins came out and the crowd chanted You Sold Out. Rollins asked why the crowd wasn’t over it yet. He said he was responsible for the success of Ambrose and Reigns. He took them as high as they could go then he dropped the dead weight. He said he created The Shield and has every right to destroy The Shield. Rollins said he’s going to win on Sunday. RVD interrupted them. RVD said he thinks they don’t take him seriously. Seth Rollins said he would, if it was 2005. RVD said that was when Seth was asking his mom and dad to stay up late to watch him because he wanted to be a wrestler. RVD said he is a former Money in the Bank winner and he used that contract to win the WWE Title. RVD said he also remembers crushing the trachea of HHH in the first Elimination Chamber. RVD said he wanted a match with HHH’s new golden boy right now. HHH asked a ref to come out.

RVD started the match with an early heel kick then a dive to the outside. RVD then hit a moonsault off the apron into commercial. Rollins had control back from break and he hit the Eddie Guerrero triple suplex. Rollins ducked a RVD kick and hit a spinning neckbreaker. Rollins landed some kicks in the corner followed by a dive and a short clothesline for two. RVD escaped a headlock and started a comeback. RVD hit a couple clotheslines then a thrust kick followed by a spinning heel kick. RVD hit Rolling Thunder. He went to the top but Rollins knocked him to the apron. RVD jumped then hit a DDT. RVD missed the Five Star Frog Splash. Rollins went on the attack then hit his turnbuckle powerbomb and Curb Stomp, but Ambrose ran in and broke up the pin.

WINNER via DQ: Seth Rollins

Ambrose attacked Rollins after the match. Referees came out to break up. Ambrose appeared to cool down but he ran past the refs and jumped off the announce table. Rollins bailed. Ambrose took the mic and said they better put him in the Money in the Bank match because he is going to be in Boston either way to cause havoc.

Backstage Seth Rollins asked HHH to put Dean Ambrose in the ladder match. He said he needs to have Dean out there so he can control him. Rollins says he wants to see the look on the face of Ambrose when he is grabbing the briefcase. HHH said if it goes bad it is on Rollins. Rollins said that he’s got this so HHH agreed.

WWE Is Topical!

Before Bad News Barret vs Dolph Ziggler, Barrett took the mic and said that he’s got bad news for Ziggler. He said after he wins tonight and at MITB, Ziggler will have to change his name just like the racist name of the constantly losing football team of Washington D.C.

Barrett had the upper hand to start. He landed some punches in the corner then choked Ziggler on the ropes. Ziggler fought back and hit a dropkick. Ziggler caught Barrett with a kick but Barrett recovered quickly and clotheslined Ziggler to the outside. Ziggler escaped a headlock and hit a crossbody followed by a neckbreaker. Barrett side stepped a Fameasser attempt and hit the Winds of Change for two. Dolph suddenly caught Barrett with the ZigZag, but Barrett rolled to the outside.

Back from break Ziggler hit his ten elbows. Barrett rolled to the apron, then tossed Ziggler to the outside. Barrett hit an elbow off the apron. Back in the ring Barrett went to the top but Ziggler met him up there and hit a facebuster for two. Barrett then face planted Ziggler and hit Wasteland but only got two. Barrett went for the Bullhammer but Ziggler moved and hit the ZigZag for two. Dolph went for a splash in the corner but Barrett caught Ziggler mid air with the Bullhammer Elbow and picked up the win.

WINNER: Bad News Barrett

Vickie was interviewed. She said she has no regrets. Randy Orton came in and said she is going to regret putting Roman Reigns in the MITB match. He said he would say nice knowing you, but that would be a lie.

What A Waste Of Pudding

Vickie came out for her match. Stephanie came out in what she was wearing before. She said their match was by the stage. She then showed a pool full of what appeared to be crap. Alicia Fox, Rosa and Layla came to the ring and forced her to the ramp. Vickie ended up pushing those three into the pool of what was really pudding. Steph then kneed Vickie into the pool. She sang “Hey Hey Hey Goodbye.” Vickie then turned and stared down Steph before tossing her into the pool.

Goldust was backstage being interviewed. Stardust came in and sang “Wish Upon A Star.” Goldust said he is now the normal one.

Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston with the Patriot Lock. Just the basic offense from these two.

Big E made quick work of Damien Sandow, who was dressed as Abe Lincoln. After the match Big E cut a promo about Rusev talking down about America earlier. Lana came out on stage, only for Rusev to come from behind and take out Big E.

The same main event from Smackdown started back from break. Orton started with a headlock on Cena. Orton took Cena down with a shoulder tackle. He got distracted by the fans then Cena took him down. Sheamus came in and hit a shoulder tackle of his own. Cena came back in but Orton took him out. Del Rio came in and landed some kicks in the corner. Cena reversed Del Rio and hit a running bulldog. Cesaro tagged in and after a test of strength hit a backbreaker. It was Bray’s turn and he hit a throwaway suplex on Cena. Bray then hit his back splash on Cena into the break.

The heels still had control over Cena back from break. Cena eventually countered a Neutralizer attempt and tagged in Roman Reigns. He hit some clotheslines on Del Rio then his apron dropkick. He hit a Superman Punch on Cesaro and Reigns but Del Rio hit a backstabber. Bray tagged himself in and hit his body dive. Bray landed some kicks then Cesaro tagged in and hit a gut wrench slam. The heels took their turns working over Reigns until Reigns caught Bray with a Superman Punch. Sheamus got the hot tag and went to work on Cesaro. All hell broke loose. Cena hit AA’s on Del Rio and Orton. Cesaro tossed Cena in the air and hit an upper cut. But Sheamus caught Cesaro with a Brogue Kick to pick up the win.

WINNERS: Sheamus, John Cena, Roman Reigns

After the match Kane came out and took out everyone but Randy Orton. Triple H then announced Kane as the 8th entrant. After Kane set off his pyro, Roman Reigns came in and took him out with a Spear.


Main Event: Solid wrestling main event to close the show. It always seems like the WWE does multi-man matches right when it comes to wrestling. And not just Shield matches. It was almost just like the match from Smackdown but that still means it was a good match. Nothing wrong with that.

Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins: I know there are a lot of people who think Ambrose is going to become a heel eventually. But, is it really necessary? I bet Ambrose is going to get over pretty well in this run with Rollins. He plays the “loose cannon” just like Brian Pillman did so well. I think you could even make the argument that Ambrose could be more over than Reigns by the end of the year. Ambrose plays his character so well. And Rollins was good with his promo as was RVD. That was a good promo between RVD/Rollins, followed by a nice little match then Ambrose playing his part well.

Ziggler/Barrett: Good IC Title Match. The WWE did a good job of making the match seem important with the special entrances before the match. Both of these guys are obviously capable workers in the ring. Had Barrett lost the Title I thought it would have been a sure fire sign he’s winning on Sunday. But Barrett winning doesn’t change that thought completely. He’s the only guy I would give any chance to win outside of Rollins and Ambrose.

Bo Dallas: I’m finally there. I am officially a BO-Liever. The guy just plays the gimmick so well. And the crowd is starting to get behind him too. I was convinced that Adam Rose would get over more than Bo, and I was dead wrong. I look forward to Bo’s first real program with someone and to see how he does in a longer match. But Bo is very good at his gimmick and I look forward to see where it goes from here.


Stephanie McMahon/Vickie Guerrero: First let me say that I like Stephanie McMahon in her role. She plays the mean-spirited corporate bitch pretty well. But the stuff on RAW was just stupid. Yeah, Vickie went out on a high note getting cheered. But everything just seemed demeaning and pointless in the end. Hell, they could have saved an actual match for Money in the Bank.

Cameron On Commentary: I understand wanting to get over as a heel. But good god, Cameron was just unbearable out there. I couldn’t even tell you anything about the match because it was so distracting. She wasn’t even that good at it. Trying to say Paige was a rookie compared to her was just laughable.

Smackdown Rematches: At this point why even have Smackdown? I watched the Monday Night Wars Legends of Wrestling Show today and Eric Bischoff talked about Nitro being over-saturated when it went to three hours and then added Thunder. That is happening here.

RAW has been on the same pattern in recent weeks. Good enough but nothing great. It gets a 5 from me tonight. It was just an average show with some good matches, but nothing outstanding that caused any waves or headlines. Hopefully that changes soon.

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