My Thoughts: WWE NXT 6.26.14 (Adrian Neville, Rob Van Dam, The Vaudevillians)

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#1~ OK, the Vaudevillians is a fantastic name for a tag team & I’m absolutely looking forward to this tag team run. Oh and how the hell did English hit a Swanton Bomb off the second rope?!

#2~ Bull Dempsey? He’s got his own theme music, the announcers are selling him high but yet we see a guy in a generic black singlet, flab hanging out of it and a look straight out of the 1980s jobber market. Am I missing something?

#3~ Becky Lynch is actually Rebecca Knox who has been on the indy scene for a long time now and was pretty badass. Now she is river-dancing to the ring? Just let her be the tough, rough but attractive Diva that just happens to be from Ireland. Do you really need to put shamrocks on her pants and make her badly river-dance?

#4~ I really don’t get the appeal of Enzo Amore. He’s an extremely over the top caricature that somehow got over with the live crowd. I get the appeal of Big Cass, he’s a huge guy who can move very well. Amore is just strange…

#5~ This main event is obviously a test for Adrian Neville. Although Rob Van Dam has his own unique style, he’s worked for decades against guys who work a more stable/”WWE-style”. So I can see the WWE executives wanting a veteran like RVD to test out Neville to see if he has the ability to adapt to another wrestler’s style while on the main roster. Overall a good match but RVD is just too old to make a match of these two styles really stand out and be a match of the year contender. If nothing else, I think Neville proved that he’s not a one-dimensional wrestler.

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