Earth 2 World’s End Epilogue: DC Comics New 52 Futures End #9 Spoilers & Review With Deathstroke, Masked Superman Vs & Batman Beyond

Last week saw two books that set up and tease fallout from DC Comics’ upcoming weekly limited series called Earth 2: World’s End. There was Earth 2 #25 and its present-day hero Val Zod, that world’s black Kryptonian Superman, taking center stage in a prelude to World’s End (spoilers here). We also had The New 52 Futures End #9 hit stands set in the future and it served as interesting epilogue to World’s End; while we also continue to chug away to September 2014 and DC Comics’ 41 title New 52 Futures End 3D cover month and 5 year line-wide leap forward.

Before I get to my capsule review and spoilers for New 52 Futures End #9, let’s get you caught up on this series so far:

Spoilers and capsule review follow for The New 52 Futures End #9.

Like with previous previews by DC Comics, last week’s FREE-for-readers preview reveals Lois Lane continuing her journey to presumably Cadmus Island.

On that island Grifter and Deathstroke are getting to know each other… despite having served together on Team 7 back in the day with Amanda Waller and others. Did I miss some kind of mind-wipe for Team 7 members or is it an editorial error that Deathstroke and Grifter don’t know each other in this series? Plus we also see more of the all-powerful girl Fifty Two Sue.

We also see what’s happened to Earth 2 residents after World’s End. They’re imprisoned on the Island! Their jailers are OMACs. There’s even a New God, Mister Miracle, there among the Earth 2 survivors. Can you name all the “inmates”?

Once we get past the FREE previews and into the actual issue, we learn that only the Earth 2 SUPERHUMAN survivors are imprisoned on Prime Earth plus Grifter’s decision concerning King Faraday’s mission for him. Plus, we also a scene with the Masked Superman stepping up to Rampage and wondering about her kidnap victim.

We also see Mister Terrific being counselled by a mystery entity / computer, seemingly from a further future, in his examination of the Plastique cyborg that Batman Beyond had been travelling with since… Free Comic Book Day 2014 šŸ˜‰ until the last issue. And, Batman Beyond goes to recruit his team to invade Mister Terrific’s stronghold in Red Robin / Tim Drake’s bar!

In another subplot, the Hawkman who Ray Palmer maimed last week to give his arm to Frankenstein is… actually alive! Thank heavens for Nth Metal; will Hawkman’s arm regrow and will Frankenstein’s body be imbued with Nth Metal since he, um, “using” Hawkman’s actual arm?

We also learn what happened to the MIA Apollo with the corpses of Midnighter and the others in a silent vigil of sorts. Plus, the book ends with S.H.A.D.E. spying on the space team with Ray Palmer and Hawkman and teasing the major threat yet to come.

Some issues I find the rotating art teams from week-to-week jarring and even some issues scattershot story-wise with around 5 subplots are more being advanced. While I have enjoyed this series overall, my preceding criticisms are overshadowed by generally strong writing. The New 52 Futures End #9 feels like the penultimate issue before a big bang. I feel that we’re building to something huge and I’m enjoying the ride.

And, like in previous issues, we get a look to next week and Futures End #10!

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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