WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 7/7/14: Chris Jericho Returns To Action

RAW is in Montreal tonight. Bret Hart is rumored to be appearing. The WWE is also advertising Miz vs Chris Jericho along with John Cena vs Seth Rollins tonight. Can the WWE carry over some of the momentum from last week? Follow along to find out!

Still Needs To Work On His Promos

RAW started with Roman Reigns. Reigns said when he comes to the ring, he comes with a point. He said he assesses and attacks. He said he knows he’s a wanted man around here but that doesn’t matter. Reigns brought up all the participants in the match and the crowd chanted “Cena Sucks.” Reigns said that’s right, when he is around Cena does suck. Reigns said he is the next WWE Champion and to believe that. Kane appeared on the stage. Reigns said that lately, Kane has been looking like HHH’s lap dog, but he’s probably more like Randy Orton’s bitch.

Kane walked down the ramp so Reigns met him and they started brawling. Reigns knocked Kane off the apron then into the crowd. They brawled for a bit into the crowd before Kane regained control and the two brawled in the ring before refs came down to separate them. Kane chokeslammed one ref and more officials came down to break it up. Reigns shoved away one official then speared Finlay. Reigns then hit the Superman Punch on Kane, knocking him off the apron.

Hey, Maybe The Usos Shouldn’t Dress The Same!

It’s The Usos vs Rowan and Harper. Jey took out Harper with a crossbody then hit a kick sending Harper to the outside. Jimmy came in and they clotheslined Rowan to the outside. Back in the ring Harper caught Jimmy with a big boot and tagged in Rowan. Jimmy escaped a chinlock and tagged in Jey. Jey connected on a dropkick. Rowan tossed Jey into the corner then knocked down Jey with a shoulder tackle. The Wyatts continued to have the upper hand into commercial.

Back from break Jey was able to make the hot tag to Jimmy and he went to work on both Wyatts. Jimmy hit a corkscrew off the top. Jey hit a dive over the top onto Rowan. Harper connected on a boot on Jimmy. He went to dive to the outside on Jey but Jey caught him with a punch then Jimmy hit a kick for two. Jimmy went to the top but Harper crotched him, then hit a sit down powerbomb but Jey broke up the count. The Usos hit a double kick on Harper, sending him to the outside. They went to hit a double dive but Rowan grabbed Jimmy’s leg. The distraction allowed Harper to hit his clothesline on Jey, who was not the legal man, and pick up the win.

WINNERS: Erik Rowan and Luke Harper

Backstage Randy Orton and Kane talked about Battleground. They said one way or another, the WWE Title will be back in The Authority. Seth Rollins came in with his briefcase and said he agreed and left. Orton said he was starting to not like that kid. Kane said he was starting to not like Orton.

Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox was suppose to happen with each having one arm tied behind their back. After Nikki was tied up, Alicia Fox attacked her then eventually dumped Red Bull on her. Segment went too long.

RVD Must Really Like These Paychecks

Its RVD vs Rusev. RVD hit a heel kick off the ropes, then a DDT for two. RVD went for an early frog splash but Rusev grabbed him by the neck and tossed him off. Rusev hit a couple of knees to the back then went to a chinlock. RVD fought out with a jawbreaker but Rusev came right back with an elbow to the chin. RVD escaped a throwaway slam then went for a roll up that got two. RVD hit a thrust kick off the top. Rusev rolled out of the way of Rolling Thunder then caught Rusev with a super kick. Rusev then made RVD tap to the Accolade.


So Many Chairs

Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose kicks off the second hour. The two brawled in the corner before Orton bailed to the outside. Back in the ring, Ambrose went to an armbar. Orton escaped with an elbow but Ambrose countered and regained control. Ambrose backed Orton into the corner then hit a short clothesline. Orton countered and tossed Ambrose into the corner. Orton hit a few punches in the corner, but Ambrose countered and hit some of his own. Ambrose ran Orton’s face over the ropes then dropkicked him. Orton broke free from a chinlock then hit a clothesline. Orton played to the crowd a bit, which allowed Ambrose to recover and landed some crazy punches on Orton before he went to the outside into commercial.

Orton had control back from break with an armbar. Ambrose escaped but Orton caught him with a dropkick. Orton went back to working on the bad arm of Ambrose. Ambrose escaped and then connected on a DDT. Ambrose landed some more punches followed by an elbow and clothesline. Ambrose blocked a backbreaker then went to a Figure Four. Orton eventually got to the ropes. Ambrose went to the top but Orton wasn’t paying attention, so it looked awkward and Ambrose missed. Orton then hit a DDT. Ambrose recovered and hit a clothesline. Orton blocked Dirty Deeds, but Ambrose ducked and Orton went to the outside. Ambrose tossed Orton into the barricade. Ambrose then tossed multiple chairs into the ring. Still on the outside Orton threw Ambrose into the ringpost. Orton then hit a DDT off the barricade. Ambrose beat the ten count into the ring. Orton went for his middle rope DDT again but Ambrose countered with a near fall. Orton went for the RKO but Ambrose countered to a backslide for two. Orton hit a big boot then an RKO for the win.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Former World Title Match, Now For A Shot At The United States Title

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto del Rio. Ziggler hit a dropkick followed by an elbow, sending Del Rio to the outside. Ziggler went for a backslide but Del Rio pulled the ring skirt up and trapped Ziggler, then hit an enziguri kick. Del Rio went for a clothesline but Ziggler ducked and hit a crossbody. Del Rio, however, tossed Ziggler into the corner then hit a reverse suplex off the ropes for two. Ziggler blocked a cross armbreaker attempt and hit a DDT. Ziggler hit a dropkick. Del Rio hit an armdrop. Ziggler was able to recover and hit a Fameasser. Fandango, who was on commentary, started dancing to his music on the announce desk. The distraction allowed Del Rio to hit a kick to the head for the win.

WINNER: Alberto del Rio

Fandango told Layla backstage that he only had eyes for her. Meanwhile, he stared at Summer Rae who winked at him.

Sandhart Screwed Sandhart

Bret Hart came out. He said he loves being in Montreal and if he could lace up his boots again he would do it here. Bret “The Hitman” Sandhart (Damien Sandow) then came out. Sandow said he didn’t regret being embarrassed to tapping out to his own hold, then trying to use a screwjob as a cover-up. He regretted being from a third world country and that he could never be in the ring with the great Damien Sandow. Sandow said he knew talking wasn’t Bret’s strong suit, then Bret punched him.

Back from break, Sheamus made pretty quick work of Damien Sandow.

Backstage Miz read a letter from a fan who said they were upset that Jericho attacked him last week and wanted Miz to put Jericho in his place.

Miz Is Still A Thing?

It’s Miz vs Chris Jericho. Jericho started with some Flair chops then sent Miz to the outside. Jericho hit a dropkick knocking Miz off the apron. Jericho hit a running bulldog back in the ring. He went for a lionsault but Miz knocked him to the outside. Jericho recovered back in the ring and hit an axe handle off the top. He went for the Walls but Miz countered and hit a clothesline. Miz went for a clothesline in the corner but Jericho blocked it and hit an enziguri kick. Miz caught Jericho with a kick to the knee then a DDT for two. Miz then applied a Figure Four. Jericho got to the ropes. Jericho then caught Miz with a punch to the face, and followed it up with the Walls of Jericho for the win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

Bray Wyatt appeared on stage. He asked how Jericho could save us if he couldn’t save himself. He said Jericho’s words can’t save him. Bray said last week proved actions speak louder than words. Bray said he will hold every word against Chris, and he will never, evveerrrr let him forget it. Jericho told Bray to shut the hell up. Jericho said actions do speak louder than words. And since it is just Bray up there he will come up there and beat his ass. Jericho went up the ramp but Harper and Rowan appeared next to Bray.

It’s the Funkadactyls vs Paige and AJ. Paige introduced AJ. Naomi went for an early tag to Cameron but Cameron ignored her. Paige hit some kicks in the corner and tagged in AJ. AJ hit a spinning heel kick then a headlock. Cameron did her lip gloss again as Naomi went for a tag. Paige and Naomi double clotheslined. Cameron tagged herself in, but walked right into the Paige Turner.

WINNERS: Paige and Naomi

After the match, the Funkadactyls fought.

Kofi Kingston beat Cesaro after the two brawled for a bit, then Kofi rolled up Cesaro for the win. Big E made the save for Kofi after the match.

Rollins went up to John Cena backstage. He said tonight is about proving to Cena that he is better. Then maybe he can cash in his contract after. Cena said he’s full of crap. Cena said times have changed, and the only guarantee is that tonight he is in for the fight of his life.

Bo Dallas defeated El Torito.

Is This A Repeat?

It’s Main Event time. Cena started with a hip toss. Rollins ducked a bulldog attempt and hit a neckbreaker. Back from break Rollins hit a reverse DDT. Cena recovered and hit a side slam. Cena went for the AA but Rollins escaped and hit a DDT. Cena ducked an enziguri kick and countered into a sit down powerbomb. Cena went to the top but Rollins connected on an enziguri kick, knocking him off. Rollins missed a splash and Cena went into CENA MODE. Rollins landed on his feet after an attempted AA. But Cena countered and applied the STF.

Kane then came out, which allowed Orton to attack Cena from behind. They took out Cena before Reigns made the save. Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Kane and Orton. Rollins then took out Reigns and Cena with the briefcase. Rollins wanted to cash in, but Ambrose came through the crowd to attack him. They brawled to the back. Cena then hit the AA on Orton. Kane went for a chokeslam on Cena but Reigns speared Kane. Reigns and Cena then raised each other’s hand and stared down each other to close the show.


Usos vs The Wyatts: Once again these two teams put on another fun match. I think it is almost getting to the point where you could put The Usos against any tag team and they would have an entertaining match. They’ve come a long way since their debut. While tag team wrestling may not get its due nowadays, I think The Usos are slowly climbing the ranks as one of wrestling’s best tag teams ever. A few more years of work and maybe they crack the Top Ten. Rowan and Harper are no slouches either. 

Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose: This one just makes the Like List. I thought the match was fine. Ambrose has a unique style that makes his matches different and stand out from everyone else. And I still think he is going to be a star. I know there are some people who don’t like Ambrose losing clean to Orton, but I’m not ready to freak out over one loss. They played up the Ambrose injury during the match so I’m sure that will go toward the reasoning of Ambrose losing. But lets not overreact to one loss like it is career defining.


John Cena vs Seth Rollins: This is more personal disappointment than anything else. I was really hoping for a nice long match between these two. Both men are capable of putting on a good match. Instead we get a short match with a schmozz finish. I know the WWE probably sees this as a PPV match down the line and didn’t want to give away a long match. But they could have gone a little bit longer.

Roman Reigns Promo: Similar to the Ambrose/Orton match, this one just makes the Didn’t Like List. The material was good, but there was just something about the delivery that was off. I don’t know if Reigns was just uncomfortable in there alone or if it was something else. But to me at least, I just wasn’t a fan of how it came off. He’s improving, but he just isn’t quite at main event level yet.

The Funkadactyl Break-Up: In order for people to care about a break-up, you have to have characters that people actually care about. While people may like Naomi as a wrestler, I’m pretty sure they don’t care about Cameron. At all. That’s why it didn’t get much of a reaction.

Cesaro Losing Streak: Here’s another one I don’t get. Why does the WWE always put guys on losing streaks before they are in line for a push? Cesaro has already lost a lot of heat in the last few months. Now they are having him lose, only to possibly have him win the Intercontinental Title at Battleground? It just seems counter-productive. Cesaro needs to be built back up as a threat. And Paul Heyman can only do so much talking. The in-ring booking of Cesaro hasn’t helped matters.

This RAW kind of took a step back from last week. It seemed like a place holder show. Nothing of note really happened tonight. Everything just kind of seemed like it was there. A couple of good matches doesn’t save the show. I’m going to give it a 4.

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