RAGER’S 10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 7.7.2014 (Roman Reigns, John Cena, Fandango)

1. It’s gonna take a lot for WWE to screw up Roman Reigns at this point. Like, when Ryback was super hot in late 2012, they really dropped the ball and it’s kinda ruined him ever since (he didn’t exactly help himself either). But with Roman, it feels more like a train that WWE couldn’t stop if they wanted to. We’re not talking of a phenomenon like the Daniel Bryan thing but still, WWE could pull the trigger on Roman as a top guy right now and the fans would be behind it completely. Yeah, he needs work on the mic but it’s not a big enough problem where that’ll hold him back, especially if he continues his current “quiet wrecking ball” character.

2. So the Usos lost due to reverse twin magic. Nice to see that works the other way around.

3. We didn’t have time for Alicia Fox’s entrance but we’ve apparently got all the time in the world to watch a referee struggle to tie a knot. Also, I cringed when Alicia Fox tried to do the Stone Cold beer can smash and drink with cans of Red Bull. Firstly because she couldn’t hold onto both of the to save her life and secondly because Red Bull taste like canned ass.

4. I still have my fingers crossed that we’re gonna get more shades of “dirty Curty” out of Fandango. I’m sure JBL probably paid a little bit more for a private dance. Seriously, JBL’s horrified reaction to getting a Fandango table dance was worth Lawler forcing us to “go Fandango-ing” last year.

5. Sandow actually served a purpose because he cut the Bret Hart segment short so that Bret wouldn’t have to struggle as long with talking and remembering lines. If anything, Sandow was just being helpful and that’s something we all can appreciate and, as is customary in Canada, Bret Hart showed his appreciation by punching. Sandow was drunk off this appreciation transference and Sheamus beat up a guy that was already down. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I think we all know who the real villain here is.

6. I’m pretty stoked for Wyatt and Jericho mostly because I’m just glad WWE kinda has a plan for Jericho as compared to his last run. AND Jericho actually won a match, the streak is over!

7. Naomi looked like she got a few legit shots on Cameron, can’t say that I blame her.

8. I still have my fingers crossed for Big E, Kofi, Xavier Woods and R-Truth forming Nation of Domination 2.0 with Ron Simmons coming back to get a manager. Kofi and Big E teaming up is the first step.

9. I’ve been harsh on Bo Dallas since his main roster redebut but he may have won me over during his victory lap when he ran over El Torito. Not sure what that says about me, I’m gonna have to have a seriously discussion with myself in the mirror after this…

10. So does Cena automatically become best friends with everyone once they turn face? Remember the billion times in the very recent past when Roman and the Shield beat up Cena? Is Cena the leader of some sort of face cult that automatically forgives all the terrible things you’ve done the moment you accept their ways? This is sounding more and more like Christianity the more I think of this. A highly persecuted guy whom some adore and is publically trying to share his message and lead by example? He’s constantly pulling off the miraculous whenever he probably should lose and then walking it off like nothing happened afterward? AND his initials are JC? But I’m sure it’s all a coincidence…or a C-O-N…spiracy.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

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