How Would You Book It: If CM Punk Returned To The WWE In A Non-Wrestling Role?

The CM Punk conspiracy theorists have had a lot thrown at them the last 2 weeks. First, Punk’s new wife AJ Lee returns to the WWE & captures the Divas Championship in the same night. Then word was leaked that the WWE did, in fact, try to get Punk to return at the Payback pay-per-view in May when it took place in Chicago. And now, just last night, the WWE Network featured CM Punk’s back-to-back Money In The Bank briefcase wins on their “WrestleMania Rewind” show when he was glaringly absent from all of the Money In The Bank pay-per-view promo videos just a few weeks ago.

Has his status with the WWE changed? Did he covertly sign a new deal? Or is this all WWE trying to win over the straight-edge Superstar & bring him back into the fold? As of now, nothing is certain.

But what if……

CM Punk has stated numerous times that he’s beat up and has nagging injuries that just aren’t going away. With that in mind, what if the WWE was fine in bringing back Punk in a non-wrestling role? Would he be a good General Manager for one of the shows? Maybe the newest color commentator (which we already know he’s great at)? Or possibly a Legend’s deal where he would just be inserted wherever they needed him?

You tell us. What would you do with CM Punk if he agreed to a non-wrestling contract? Leave your ideas below in the comment section!

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