Wednesday Comments – Good News For DC Comics? Can You Guess For What: New 52’s Grayson, Lobo or Batgirl?

DC finally got some good news. No, they didn’t beat Marvel in sales or market share. They didn’t manage to snare any talent from their competitor either. But DC finally made a creative decision that’s been met with universal praise.

Batgirl’s new creative team is already a hit.

Writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher along with artist Babs Tarr are taking over Batgirl with issue #35 and are promising a shift in tone. And the announcement has taken the blogosphere and social media by storm. Everyone seems thoroughly energized by the new direction the book is going in and Barbara’s new look.

Think about the last time DC got universal support on a decision? Marvel got a ton of buzz and support when Kamala Khan became Ms. Marvel and when Carol Danvers took up the mantle of Captain Marvel there was much rejoicing. But DC seems to have a hard time getting things right.

The New 52 was controversial. Nightwing become Grayson was met with faint praise. Lobo’s redesign was incredibly controversial and still is. David Finch and his wife are taking over Wonder Woman, but even that was controversial.

But Batgirl’s new direction? Everyone seems to love it.

What’s even more surprising is that the new writers will be replacing Gail Simone, who arguably has the biggest and most vocal fandom of all of DC’s creators. This is the same fandom who ostensibly got Gail Simone back on Batgirl when she was fired from the book not that long ago. And yet there’s still overwhelming love for this new creative team and direction.

I’m still shocked that people are being to positive about change, which is usually something, comic fans are resistant to.

Obviously part of it is because the public believes that Gotham already has enough dark and grim books and could use a change in tone. And I think that fans genuinely want to see Babs in a better place emotionally and in a new setting.

DC in general and Gotham in specific have more than enough books that focus on gloom and doom, it’s good to offer an alternative now and again, if only to keep the bases covered.

Still the excitement over the book is that it’s definitely trying to appeal to a different demographic. Batgirl’s new design is decidedly hipper and youthful than most of the DC heroes on the market. And Barbara seems to look like a young woman her age would actually look. If the reactions are any estimate, people are completely ready for this book.

Will the book deliver? Will it disappoint? Will it fill the void left by Hawkeye? Only time will tell the answers to these questions. But hopefully week of good press will encourage DC to further diversify the tone of their titles.

Well, it’s Wednesday, so that means you need to visit your local comic shop and pick up some fresh new comics!

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