Inside Pulse Wrestling’s Live Coverage of WWE Battleground 2014

Join us here live at 8 EST for the live results!

The match card is as follows…

Naomi vs. Cameron

Adam Rose vs. Fandango

WWE Tag Team Championship Two Out of Three Falls Match

The Usos (c) vs. The Wyatt Family

WWE Divas Champion

AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal

Bo Dallas vs. Diego vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. The Miz vs. Fandango vs. Heath Slater vs. Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth vs. Xavier Woods vs. The Great Khali vs. Ryback vs. Curtis Axel vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. Titus O’Neil vs. Big E

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal-4-Way

John Cena (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton


WWE Battleground 2014

We open the show with the pre-show panel including Alex Riley, Booker T, Christian, and Renee Young.

Twitter Picture Controversy

Fandango vs. Adam Rose

Adam Rose’s Exotic Express is out here with its two newest members of Layla and Summer Rae.

Fandango charges and throws punches at Rose.  He hits Rose with a back body drop for a two count.  The Express is dancing around the ring and Fandango is distracted but he steadily stomps on Rose.  Fandango steps outside the ring to stop it and receives slaps from Layla and Summer Rae.  Rose comes out, rolls Fandango back in, hits two axe handles, a big spinebuster, a splash in the corner, and hits the Party Foul for three.  Shouldn’t Adam Rose have been disqualified for the slaps?  Anyways…

Winner:  Adam Rose

They show a video package hyping Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.

The Funkadactyl Collision

Naomi vs. Cameron

The referee tries to split the two up to start the match.  Naomi chases Cameron to the apron, the ref breaks them up, but Cameron takes a cheap shot.  Cameron is yelling a bunch.  Cameron rams Naomi off the apron to the floor.  Cameron rams Naomi into the ring apron and rolls Naomi back in.  Cameron covers for a one.  Cameron locks in a surfboard submission on Naomi.  Cameron breaks it off and whips Naomi who reverses.  Naomi goes for a drop kick and Cameron hangs onto the ropes.  Naomi hits some big blows before hitting a Lou Thesz press.  Cameron goes to leave, but Naomi says NUHUH and clotheslines her from behind.  Naomi rolls Cameron in, but Cameron kicks her away.  Naomi whips Cameron into the rope and grabs Cameron by her hair.  Cameron throws Naomi into the rope and rolls up Naomi for a three count with the tights held. Ugh.

Winner:  Cameron

They hype the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal-4-Way Match.

WWE Tag Team Championship Two Out of Three Falls Match

The Usos (c) vs. The Wyatt Family

A little boy is singing ‘He’s got the whole world’ for the Wyatts’ entrance and suddenly they now have generic rock music.

Jey Uso slaps Rowan to start it off. Rowan clotheslines Jey and then pounds on his chest in the corner.  Harper tags in and stomps away on Jey.  Luke whips Jey off the rope and Jey hits a big drop kick.  Both Usos are in the ring and the Wyatts regroup outside.  Luke comes in and muscles Jey into the corner and chops him.  Luke whips Jey and then slides Jey under the rope to the floor.  Luke hits a big suplex and rakes the eyes of Jey.  Rowan comes in and punches Jey in the corner.  Rowan slams Jey down and locks in a headlock of sorts.  Jey fights up, but Rowan elbows him to the face.  He gets a two count.  Luke comes in and delivers a knee to the face of Jey.  Luke does the alligator roll before locking in the side headlock.  Jey and Luke get up but Jey hits back body drop.  Jey tries to tag and does.  Jimmy jumps over Luke, goes off the rope and eats a nasty big boot for a three count!  The Wyatts win the first fall.

Luke charges and splashes Jimmy in the corner.  Rowan hits a big running splash for a two count.  Rowan rakes the eyes of Jimmy before clamping Jimmy’s head in the vice of his fists.  Jey has finally gotten back on the apron.  Jimmy fights up and fights out.  Jimmy hits some big strikes.  He tries to pick up Rowan, but Rowan collapses on top of him for a two count.  Luke comes in and stands on Jimmy.  Luke strikes him hard.  Luke hits a big uppercut and Jimmy slaps him twice as recompense.  Luke rushes him and steps on his head.  Luke goes for a back body suplex, but Jimmy fights out and tags in Jey.  Jey rolls up Luke for a three count.  The Usos win the second fall.

The Wyatts destroy Jey before the ref separates them to start the fall.  Rowan hits a last call suplex.  Luke tags in and catapults Jey’s neck into the bottom rope for a two count.  Jey and Luke exchange blows before Luke wins it and tags in Rowan.  Rowan stomps on Jey.  Rowan whips Jey into the corner, he goes for the charge, but Jey moves.  Luke tags in, but misses the big boot and falls out of the ring.  Jey is trying to get to Jimmy who tags in.  Jimmy jumps over the top rope and takes out Luke.  Rowan charges and gets dumped outside. Jimmy jumps out on him too.  Jimmy jumps on the barrier and splashes Harper.  Back into the ring, Jimmy hits a big splash on Luke in the ring for a two count.  Jimmy hits some big blows before hitting an enzuigiri.  Jimmy goes for the butt to the face splash in the corner.  Luke gets up afterwards and splashes Jimmy in the corner, hits a powerbomb for two.  Jimmy hits the whisper in the wind for a two count.  Jimmy goes for the superkick, but Luke catches it.  Luke hits a running big boot that takes Jimmy over the top rope.  Luke hits a suicide dive through the ropes taking out Jimmy.  Back in the ring, Luke goes for the dive to the outside on Jey, but Jey superkicks him.  Jimmy rolls him up for two!  Luke hits a sitdown powerbomb for two!  Rowan goes for a splash off the top but misses it.  Luke gets crotches on the top rope.  Jey tags in and hits a big splash for a two count!  Jey ascends again, but Luke catches him.  Rowan runs over and they exchange blows.  Rowan pounds on Jimmy and Jey and he SUPERPLEXES both of them!  He covers for two!  Rowan tags in Luke.  Jey comes back in, but is dumped out.  Luke eats a superkick but no-sells it and hits a clothesline for two!  He goes for another one, but its ducked and he eats a double superkick.  A double superkick takes out Rowan.  They hit a huge double splash for a three count!

Winners:  The Usos

They show a video package of Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.

Seth Rollins is interviewed by Tom.  Seth says he’s smiling because he puts the dagger in Ambrose to finish him off.  He compares Ambrose to a cockroach and he says that he’s going to finally squash him.  Rollins says he’s going to finally answer his question and that it’s not all that he’s got.  He says Ambrose is going to get all that he bargained for tonight.  Rollins says he’s going to be watching that Fatal-4-Way Match.  Ambrose suddenly attacks him and slams his head into some storage crates backstage.  Ambrose asks Seth what is he going to do as security pulls the two men apart.  Triple H asks if Seth Rollins is okay and apparently sent Dean Ambrose out of the arena.

WWE Divas Championship

AJ (c) vs. Paige

The two ladies shake hands to start.  They lock up and Paige clean breaks.  CM Punk chants emerge.  They lock up and AJ clean breaks this time.  Paige strikes down AJ.  AJ rolls up Paige for two and so does Paige for two.  Paige kicks AJ down for two.  Paige hits a big headbutt.  Paige stomps on AJ in the bottom of corner.  Paige hits a big body slam for two.  Paige hits some kneelifts on the apron to AJ.  Paige pins AJ for two.  Paige locks in the side headlock.  Paige whips AJ down to the mat.  She re-applies it.  Now Paige sets up a surfboard on AJ putting her knee into AJ’s back.  Paige yells ‘C’mon AJ!’  Paige hits a big clothesline for two.  Paige is pleading for AJ to c’mon? AJ hits a big swinging DDT and both ladies are down.  The referee is counting them down.  Paige tries to spear AJ through the ropes but they get caught up and force it through. Sigh.  Paige ascends the turnbuckle.  Paige headbutts AJ and hits a flip powerbomb on AJ.  AJ kicks Paige away.  AJ hits big knees to Paige.  AJ jumps off the top rope and Paige catches her.  AJ turns it into the Black Widow submission.  Paige powers out of it.  Paige hits the Page Turner for two!  Paige is still frustrated.  Although not sure at what she is frustrated at.  Paige goes for the PTO.  AJ tries to roll her up, but Paige gets out.  AJ gets up and hits a nasty shining wizard for the three count.

Winner:  AJ

Randy Orton and Kane are backstage.  Orton says he’s wrong about the way he handled it last week.  Orton wants an apology.  Kane says being the Devil’s favorite demon means he doesn’t have to say sorry.  Orton says he’s sure it was an accident and they need to make sure they are on the same page.  Kane says that the winner of the fatal-4-way is standing right here.

Renee Young is at the Kickoff Panel with Booker T, Christian, and Alex Riley.

Tea Party vs. Russia

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Lana grabs the mic and tells the audience to shut up which obviously works.  Lana talks about America’s propaganda blaming Russia for the the plane shot down.  Lana says that America should be insulted and ashamed.  Lana says that USA forces their democracy down our throats.  Lana calls Obama a wuss and calls Putin a great leader.  She says tonight Rusev will crush every single one of you.  She says Rusev will crush Jack Swagger.  Zeb says he’s heard enough out of her and she slaps him.

The two men start brawling and Swagger throws Rusev out of the ring.  Swagger says WE THE PEOPLE.  Swagger goes for the ankle lock but Rusev rolls out.  Rusev hits some big strokes and kicks Swagger in the corner.  Rusev hits some headbutts and punches to Swagger’s head.  Swagger fights back with some strikes.  Swagger gets the ankle lock, but Rusev rolls out again.  Swagger comes after Rusev.  Rusev rolls in.  Swagger eats a nasty kneelift and then a fall away slam.  Rusev stomps away on Swagger.  Rusev sets Swagger on the second rope and kicks him in the ribs.  Rusev locks a claw to Swagger’s traps.  Swagger tries to get out of it but to no avail.  The crowd is rallying behind Swagger.  Swagger is powering Rusev’s hand up.  Rusev kicks Swagger in the hamstrings in the corner.  Rusev rakes at the eyes of Swagger and hits an elbow to Swagger’s head.  Swagger gets launched over the top rope.  Rusev smacks him every time he tries to enter.  Swagger jumps on the apron and takes two hits before ducking and taking advantage.  Swagger hits a corner splash and big boot.  Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb for two.  Rusev throws haymakers at Swagger.  Swagger hits a big slam for two.  Swagger eats a boot and Rusev is setting up a superkick.  Swagger locks on the Patriot Lock.  Rusev is in such pain!  Rusev is crawling to the ropes and Swagger pulls him back.  Rusev is crawling and makes it.  Swagger goes outside and chop blocks Rusev.  He then locks on the Patriot Lock on the outside.  Rusev pulls Swagger into the pole knocking out Swagger.  Rusev rolls back in for the countout win.

Winner:  Rusev via Countout

After the match, Rusev locks on The Accolade to add insult to injury.

Stardust is shown backstage and he’s rambling about absurd things like destiny and the cosmos.  He talks about something he can’t touch.  Goldust says he thinks he knows what Cody is talking about.  Stardust says they need to see it for their own eyes.  Stardust says that they’re going to hear the names Goldust and Stardust.

Seth Rollins is out next, but Dean Ambrose is not in the building.

The Shield Implosion

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Rollins grabs the mic and says since his opponent has been kicked out of the arena, he has come out here to accept his forfeit victory.  The referee and announcer oblige.

Winner:  Seth Rollins via Forfeit

Dean Ambrose returns to jump Rollins.  He throws him into the barricade and then over it into the crowd.  Dean is pounding away on Rollins.  Dean keeps pounding away until Rollins throws him back into the ringside area.  Dean flings Rollins onto the Spanish Announce Table that wins.  Dean is pulled away from Rollins, but Dean jumps back on the announce table and rumps onto Rollins.  They are both separated by referees.  Ambrose runs back and jumps him as Triple H is at ringside.  Dean Ambrose is being carried out of here and suddenly Rollins jumps him.  And that happens again.  Dean vanishes from sight and Triple raises Rollins’ arm as the victor.

The Lite-Brite Jacket vs. The Lantern

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray’s eye still looks really nasty.  They tie up and Bray forces him into the corner only for them to move to a different one and Jericho to clean break away.  They tie up and Bray strikes away on Jericho.  Bray slaps Jericho.  Bray chokes Jericho on the rope.  Jericho starts pounding away on Bray.  Jericho gets some chops in the corner, whips to the other corner, Bray bounces back and hits a big clothesline.  Jericho goes off the ropes and eats a high elbow for two.  Bray tries for a suplex, but Jericho reverses into a Walls of Jericho but is distracted by The Wyatts.  Wyatt knocks him down and pins for two.  Bray Wyatt locks in a chinlock.  Jericho fights up and punches his way out.  Wyatt eats a dropkick.  Jericho hits a springboard dropkick knocking Wyatt off the apron to the floor.  Jericho ascends the top rope and hits a big splash onto all three men.  Jericho is back up and kicks Bray in the ribs.  Jericho rolls him back in but Luke grabs Jericho causing the referee to throw the two men out of the arena.  Bray looks terrified at losing his men.  Jericho is blasted by Bray taking him off the apron onto a cameraman.  Bray stomps away on Jericho by the barrier.  Bray throws Jericho in for a two count.  Bray hits some big strikes.  Bray whips Jericho into the corner and misses with a ram.  Jericho throws to take down Bray with running strikes but is thrown over the top rope to land on the apron.  Jericho hits a big axe handle off the top rope.  Jericho goes for the bulldog, but it is reversed into a spinning gutbuster on Bray’s knee.  Wyatt goes for the running senton, but it is reversed by Jericho.  Jericho hits an enzuigiri for two.  Chris climbs up top again, but Bray strikes him.  Bray climbs up and they exchange blows.  Bray sets up the suplerplex, but Jericho knocks him down.  Bray hits Jericho with a unique jawbreaker with Jericho’s leg draped for two.  Jericho hits a running bulldog and he misses the lionsault due to Bray’s knees.

Bray does the creepy crawl.  Bray hits a big one arm slam for a two count.  Bray asks how much can Chris take?  Bray bounces off one corner and hits a big splash on Jericho.  Bray goes for it again, but Jericho hits him and rolls his head into the bottom turnbuckle.  Chris goes for the springboard kick again, but Bray dodges and slams Jericho on the apron.  Bray pushes him back in for two.  Bray sets up the Sister Abigail, but Jericho rolls him up for the Walls.  They exchange blows as Bray fights out.  Bray hits a big running elbow for two on Jericho.  Jericho surprises Bray Wyatt and hits a codebreaker for three!

Winner:  Chris Jericho

Seth Rollins is walking in the parking lot area with two guards that he tells to leave.  Rollins, however, is suddenly paranoid.  Ambrose jumps out of Rollins’ trunk and pounds away on Rollins.  They are fighting on top of Rollins’ car.  Rollins gets the better of Dean and leaves.  Ambrose is walking around looking pissed.

Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal

Curtis Axel vs. Zack Ryder vs. Ryback vs. Big E vs. Titus O’Neil vs. Diego vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow vs. Heath Slater vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz vs. Sheamus vs. Sin Cara vs. Xavier Woods vs. R-Truth vs. The Great Khali vs. Bo Dallas vs. Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto del Rio

Bad News Barrett comes out and says that whoever wins this battle royal has the honor of taking the Intercontinental Championship.  But he has Bad News and that whoever wins will being delaying the inevitable until they meet their demise in the form of a bull hammer from Wade Barrett.

The match starts and they all team up on The Great Khali who is chopping everyone.  They all team up on him again.  Woods is tossed out by Khali and then Ryder follow him.  Sheamus Brogue Kicks Khali and they all team up to eliminate him.  Yeah I’ll report the eliminations.  Sin Cara is eliminated by Bo Dallas.  Ziggler almost gets eliminated by Heath.  R-Truth and then Curtis Axel are eliminated.  Sandow is eliminated by Diego.  Diego is then dropped over the rope by Ryback.  Ryback and Sheamus are standing tall in the ring.  They trade blows.  Sheamus kicks Ryback in the leaning postion.  Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick eliminating Ryback.  Miz tries to take advantage, but Sheamus reverses.  Miz falls under the rope to the floor and he’s going to play opossum.  Titus just hit a couple of backbreakers on Sheamus before throwing him across the ring.  Bo takes advantage and eliminates Titus.  Bo is then chopped down.  Cesaro and Kofi do some elimination teases before coming back in.  Del Rio locks in the armbreaker on the top rope on Dolph.  Dolph reverses a superkick from ADR to eliminated him with a DDT.  Miz comes in to try to eliminate Dolph.  Sheamus slams him and Miz falls outside of the ring through the ropes.  Kofi leaps off the apron onto Big E’s shoulders.  Cesaro suplexes Kofi back into the ring.  Cesaro then suplexes Kofi out of the ring.  Cesaro is then eliminated by Heath Slater!  Sheamus then eliminates Heath with a Brogue Kick.  Bo tries to eliminate Sheamus but gets set up in the 10 clubbing blows.  Dolph drop kicks Bo after to eliminate him.  Sheamus and Dolph are now the ‘last two.’  They battle back and forth.  Sheamus goes for a powerbomb, but Dolph tries for a flip over and it lands awkwardly.  Sheamus tries to catapult Dolph, but Dolph catches the rope.  He lays on the apron and Sheamus helps him up.  He pounds away and Dolph is barely there.  Sheamus comes for a strike, but Dolph slides under.  He almost eliminates Sheamus and then Sheamus goes for the flying shoulderblock and Dolph dropkicks him off the apron!  Miz runs back in and eliminates Dolph for the win. Groan.

Winner:  The Miz

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Roman Reigns

Well my connection gets cut for a few minutes and I miss the entrance and beginning of the match.  John Cena suplexes Orton and tries for a pin but Kane and Orton are stopping that.  Kane slams Reigns’ head into the post outside.  Cena hits a bulldog on Orton.  Kane knocks down Cena and Orton tries for a pin.  Only a two count and now Orton and Kane are exchanging blows on Cena.  Orton stomps on Cena’s arm.  Cena goes for a Attitude Adjustment, but Kane interrupts it.  Kane hits an elbow on Cena to knock him down.  Orton stomps on Cena’s abdomen.  Kane knocks out Reigns who is on the outside.  Reigns comes back alive and slams Kane’s head into the post.  Cena sets up the Five Moves of DOOOOOOM.  Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Orton grabs the top rope to escape the AA.  Cena and Reigns are in the ring, but they are jumped by Orton and Kane before anything can happen.  Kane hits his running DDT on Reigns for two.  Orton comes in and yells at Kane for trying to get the win.  Orton pushes Kane and Kane looks pissed.  Kane throat thrusts Orton.  Kane sets Orton up on the top rope.  Cena and Reigns attack them and we get a double powerbomb superplex off the top rope.  Cena and Reigns square off and Kane sits up.  They stomp away on Kane.  Orton hits a backbreaker on Roman and Orton sets up the drapped DDT and hits both Roman and Cena with it.  Orton pins Reigns and Kane breaks it up.  Kane throat thrusts Orton and then hits a big boot but it’s broken up by Roman.  Reigns hits a Samoan Drop for two as Orton interferes.  Orton and Roman are exchanging blows.  Orton rolls him up and locks in a single-leg Boston Crab.  Roman powers out and locks in one of his own.  And the Network lags with Reigns holding in his submission…

Well John Cena comes in and wins the match.  My feed never came back on WWE Network.

Winner:  John Cena

That’s all folks! No Brock Lesnar tonight!

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