My Thoughts: WWE Battleground 7.20.14 (John Cena, Roman Reigns, Kane, Randy Orton)

Battleground 2014 Match Card

1. Hey The Usos vs The Wyatt Family are up first! Did you know the “Wrestling Wife” just created a new t-shirt for the Samoan brothers? You can find it right here! I love the fact that this is a 2 out of 3 fall match and putting some focus on the Tag Team Championships. Granted these two teams are basically the ONLY two teams in the WWE right now but at least they put on a good match. Well that match was going well until Luke Harper’s shoulder was up during the second fall. Not a single mention of it so we never saw it right? Speaking of Harper, his plancha to the outside is insane. WOW, despite the botched 2nd fall this was an awesome match. I honestly don’t see a title run for The Wyatt Family anytime soon since they lost again tonight.

2. By the way have you checked out the new DEAN AMBROSE & SETH ROLLINS Wallpapers yet? Just click on their names to check them out! If that’s the way they covered up the injury to Rollins, it was perfectly placed. Just too bad we aren’t getting that match tonight.

3. Hey, how about the Paige Wallpaper? You know you want the “Anti-Diva” on your computer screen. I always thought these two women could have a good match since they are relatively the same size and have similar move sets. At least we’re not having another 30 second match. And they put on a very good Divas match. I like that AJ Lee reintroduced her striking finisher although I would have preferred it if she used the GTS for the win. At least for one night.

4. It’s a good thing that WWE created an anti-American character. If they didn’t, I could see Swagger on the cut sheet. Lana, on the other hand, could easily take over the role Vickie Guerrero played for so long. I just thought of it but I don’t think Jack Swagger has been booked as a babyface. This turn may have been strange but at least it’s a shot for Swagger to show if he can get the crowd behind him. The finish was an efficient way to keep both guys strong and Swagger’s babyface push going.

5. I absolutely admire that Chris Jericho comes back to the WWE because there are men he WANTS to work with and not for the paycheck. By the way have you seen the new Bray Wyatt/Chris Jericho wallpaper? Also did you know that Bray Wyatt was born in 1987 while Chris Jericho was born in 1970? Jericho’s debut came in 1990 when Wyatt was only 3. Sometimes it really does seem like Jericho is ageless and this match was another match to solidify that match. The clean pin over Wyatt was unexpected and exactly what this feud needed. We’ve seen Wyatt blow over so many guys in the past, having him lose cleanly in the first match of the feud adds a new wrinkle to a predictable feud.

6. I LOVE what they’re doing with Ambrose and Rollins. The spontaneity and intensity between these two guys is something we haven’t seen in the WWE in a good long time so it’s refreshing to see something that translates from the ring to the ringside arena, backstage and even the parking lot. I would love to see the feud extended for a good long time.

7. It would be absolutely amazing if Damien Sandow won this IC title in this ridiculous gimmick. Just please don’t let it be The Miz who’s pulling a Jerry Lawler on the outside of the ring. Cesaro’s strength is inhuman. The exchanges he had with Kofi Kingston were some of the best spots of the night and no man should be able to pull some of those things off. And Mr. Mizable somehow gets his hands on gold. I really don’t understand who loves this guy so much backstage as he seems to get opportunity after opportunity.

8. I hate the fact that Cena is still coming out with both belts. Didn’t he “retire” the “Big Gold Belt” when he handed it off to Ric Flair last week? It’s stupid for him to be walking around with both but I’m guessing they’re waiting until the new title with the new WWE logo to show up after SummerSlam. I like the subtle changes to Roman Reigns’ look. It just distances him The Shield a little bit more. I don’t like that in some spots it looks like Seth Rollins horrible entrance vest. Who on staff loves that weird triangle thing on the back of both of their vests? It’s pretty funny that Kane is receiving ZERO reaction from the live crowd. Glenn Jacobs easily had a Hall Of Fame career but it’s definitely time to call it a day on his in-ring career. While it was a good match, good God was that an anti-climatic finish. No title change, no Brock Lesnar and nothing to report about. Just another Super-Cena win. Sigh.

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