Big Brother 16 Live Feed Update: POV Ceremony Results – Cody Goes Back On Word To Donny

After promising Donny his safety this morning, it appears that Cody has gone back on his word.

After Victoria pulled herself off of the block and used her power of veto, Cody nominated fan-favourite and Team America member, Donny in her stead. As a result, either Brittany or Donny will be evicted on Thursday.

While the move wouldn’t have been considered a big shock a few days ago, in the last two days, a lot has transpired with Zach initially pushing Cody to nominate Caleb and then volunteering himself when that plan didn’t fly with the rest of his Detonator alliance members. From there, Cody had a heart-to-heart with Donny and seemed all but resigned to nominating Caleb a few hours ago. After Derrick and Zach were informed of Cody’s potential change of heart, they convinced him to stick to the original plan and put Donny up instead. Cody was clearly torn up about the decision.