Big Brother 16 Live Feed Update: Victoria Wins POV, Cody Makes Deal With Donny To Nominate Caleb

After last night’s episode of Big Brother 16, Brittany & Victoria remain on the block as Jocasta & Amber pulled themselves off.

In the veto competition (which took place on Saturday), Cody pulled Zach’s chip, Victoria pulled Nicole’s chip and Brittany pulled the houseguest’s choice chip. Brittany chose Caleb to play for her in the veto competition. Cody chose Frankie to host.

In the competition, Victoria shockingly managed to pull off the victory. Zach took home a trip to Germany. Caleb won $5000. Nicole got saddled with another punishment where she has to wear a unitard for the rest of the week (after just getting rid of the frog costume). Cody has to use a machine to kick himself in his read end 10x whenever a whistle is blown over the next 24 hours. Brittany has to kick a soccer ball into a net 2400 times over 24 hours and cannot come inside until she completes it. If she doesn’t score 2400 goals, she cannot compete in the next veto competition. Cody was mad because Caleb had the chance to take the veto from Victoria but chose to take the $5000 instead.

Since then, a lot has transpired. While Brittany remains the target, Cody’s original plan was to nominate Donny instead of Victoria. Last night, Zach went on a rampage and brought the entire Detonator alliance together to tell them that eliminating Caleb while they have the opportunity is the best move. The strategy was ridiculed by Derrick, Frankie, Cody, and Christine. Later, Zach volunteered himself to go on the block because he was ‘bored.’ Cody once again dismissed Zach’s move.

Moments ago, after a long talk with Donny, Cody told him that he will NOT be nominating him. It looks like Caleb will be the replacement.