JR Blog: Major Contract Status Update, WWE Battleground, Rick Steiner News

Jim Ross is back with a post-Battleground blog. Here are some of the highlight:

on WWE contract status:
I just received my first WWE Alumni newsletter as all my contractual/legal obligations to WWE end in two days. It was by far the best professional move that I ever made going to work for WWE in 1993 and I am grateful for the quality of life that they helped facilitate for my family and me. By the way, the newsletter was very well done. Hopefully, those alums in need take advantage of the opportunities that WWE is presenting them.

on Rick Steiner:
It was wonderful re-connecting with the Steiner Brothers who I had not seen together in way too many years. They individually went into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame at the museum Saturday night in a moving ceremony especially when Scott spoke of his family, friends and career. Rick and I had a great time catching up on the old UWF days both working for Cowboy Bill Watts who Rick said he loved working for and respected the structure and professionalism that Watts demanded. Rick is now a successful real estate broker in the Atlanta area and also serves his community on the local school board.

on WWE Battleground, tag scene:
Upon taking a fast look at the PPV I can tell you that I enjoyed the tag title bout and enjoyed the 2X3 fall stipulation. Both teams worked hard and seem to have good chemistry. Hopefully, WWE will get other teams ready to engage in the Tag Title picture as I know that there are many who are specifically fans of tag team wrestling which is not dead by any means but it’s not exactly the picture of health within the business as a whole either.

on WWE Battleground:
Overall, the show appeared to be somewhat of a place holder with a great deal of potential Summer Slam content within it which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I may have more to say about Battle Ground if I sit down to watch the entire event in real time later in the week.

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